Getting women's voices into policy-making

Getting women's voices into policy-making matters.

The project

For far too long there has been a clear gender inequality in the way we determine public policy; one that should no longer apply in modern times.

How to gather evidence about inequalities, what techniques and tools will help redress the imbalance and the need for practical guidance for policymakers is what led to this publication.

A speakerphone with the words 'mind the gap'.
Mind the gap - getting women's voices into policy-making.

The authors, a mix of academics, local and national campaigners and policymakers, first came together when they attended a 'Getting Women’s Voices into Policymaking' workshop held at The University of Manchester as part of the Economic and Social Research Council 2019 Festival of Social Science. The workshop enabled the sharing of so many great ideas, experiences and energy for what could be achieved, that there was a determination to try to capture and bottle it and extend the conversation more broadly.

'Mind the Gap – Getting Women’s Voices into Policy-Making' is the result. Here academics describe evidence-gathering methods, campaigners involved in GM4women2028 and other campaign groups share their experience of drawing women into policy discussions. While policymakers from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Women’s Voices task group speak about the practical realities of the policymaking process.