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Working papers

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The MANCEPT Working Papers found below are recent papers by MANCEPT staff and research students that are meant to stimulate debate and discussion. They have been subject to some editorial control, but the papers are not necessarily in their final form and should be considered 'works in progress'. Please do not cite or quote from any paper without permission from the primary author.

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1/14 Alan Hamlin, 'Feasibility Four Ways' (PDF, 400KB)


1/13, Alan Hamlin, 'Constitutional Political Economy'(PDF, 170KB) (forthcoming in The Elgar Companion to Public Choice, 2nd Ed, 2013)

2/13 Tom Porter, 'The limits of background justice' (PDF, 192KB)

3/13, Alan Hamlin, 'Contractarianism' (PDF, 80KB) (forthcoming in the International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition)

4/13 Tom Porter,  'On a debunking explanation of moral luck' (PDF, 201KB)

5/13, Stephen de Wijze, 'Political Evil: Warping the Moral Landscape' (PDF, 368KB)

6/13, Stephen de Wijze and Simon Beck, 'Interrogating the ‘Ticking Bomb Scenario’: Reassessing the thought experiment' (PDF, 300KB) 

7/13, Geoffrey Brennan and Alan Hamlin, 'Conservative Value' (PDF, 164KB)

8/13, Geoffrey Brennan and Alan Hamlin, 'Comprehending Conservatism: Frameworks and Analysis'(PDF, 136KB), The Journal of Political Ideologies, 2014 vol 19(2)

9/13 Alan Hamlin, 'Reasoning about Rules' (PDF, 232KB), Constitutional Political Economy, 2014, vol 25(1) 68-87 

10/13 Alan Hamlin, 'Hayek, Buchanan and Conservatism' (PDF, 102KB)


1/12 Joanna Mary Firth and Jonathan Quong, 'Necessity, Moral Liability, and Defensive Harm' (PDF, 270KB) (published in Law and Philosophy 31 (2012): 673-701)

2/12 Liam Shields, 'From Rawlsian Autonomy to Sufficient Opportunity in Education' (PDF, 156KB)

3/12 Liam Shields, 'How Bad Can a Good Enough Parent Be?' (PDF, 205KB)

4/12 Liam Shields, 'Mission Indispensable: The Point of Political Philosophy' (PDF, 139KB)

5/12 Jonathan Quong, 'Liability to Defensive Harm' (published in Philosophy & Public Affairs 40 (2012): 45-77.

6/12 Liam Shields, 'On the Supposed Uniqueness of Parenting' (PDF, 351KB)


1/11 Adrian Blau, 'Uncertainty and the History of Ideas" (forthcoming in History and Theory)' (PDF, 457KB)

2/11 Adrian Blau, 'Habermas’s Account of Rationality: Accept, Reject, or Revise and Resubmit?'(PDF, 409KB)

3/11 Kimberley Brownlee, 'Social Deprivation and Criminal Justice' (PDF, 131KB) (a revised version has been published in Canadian Perspectives on the Philosophy of Criminal Law. François Tanguay-Renaud and James Stribopoulos (eds.), Hart, 2012).

4/11 Alan Hamlin, 'Positive Political Theory' (written for inclusion in a collection of essays on methods in political theory) (PDF, 298KB)

5/11 Alan Hamlin, 'What Political Philosophy should learn from Economics about Taxation' (PDF, 142KB) (forthcoming in Martin O'Neill and Shepley Orr (eds) 'Taxation and Political Philosophy' Oxford: Oxford University Press).

6/11 Kimberley Brownlee and Zofia Stemplowska, 'Financial Inclusion, Education, and Human Rights' (PDF, 162KB) (for inclusion in Microfinance, Rights, & Global Justice. Tom Sorell and Luis Cabrera (eds.), in preparation).

7/11 Jonathan Quong, 'Rights' (PDF, 85KB) (forthcoming in the Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy, Fred D'Agostino and Gerald Gaus, eds.)

8/11 Jonathan Quong, 'On The Idea of Public Reason' (PDF, 225KB) (a version of this paper is forthcoming in the Blackwell Companion to Rawls, Jon Mandle and David Reidy, eds.)

9/11 Kimberley Brownlee, 'Conscientious Objection and Civil Disobedience'. (PDF, 208KB) (A version will be published in The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Law. Andrei Marmor (ed.), Routledge, 2012)


1/10 Jonathan Quong, 'The Structure of Public Reason' (part of this paper is now published as part of chapter 9 of Liberalism Without Perfection, Oxford University Press, 2011).

2/10 Jonathan Quong, 'Left-Libertarianism: Rawlsian not Luck Egalitarian' (now published in the March 2011 issue of Journal of Political Philosophy.

3/10 Hillel Steiner, 'Human Rights and the Diversity of Value' (PDF, 98KB)

4/10 Kimberley Brownlee, 'Responsibilities of Criminal Justice Officials' (PDF, 180KB) (a revised version has been published in The Journal of Applied Philosophy 27: 2 (2010), 123-139).

5/10 Adrian Blau, 'Extended Meaning and Understanding in the History of Ideas' (pdf withdrawn for updating)

6/10 Adrian Blau, 'History of Political Thought as a Social Science' (PDF, 196KB) (Nov 2010 draft)

7/10 Alan Hamlin and Colin Jennings, 'Expressive Political Behaviour, Foundations, Scope and Implications' (PDF, 146KB) (published in The British Journal of Political Science)

8/10 Alan Hamlin and Zofia Stemplowska 'Theory, Ideal Theory and the Theory of Ideals' (PDF, 80KB) (forthcoming in Political Studies Review )

9/10 Chris Hughes, 'The Recycling of Time and the End of History' (PDF, 112KB)

10/10 Thomas Porter, 'In Defence of the Priority View' (PDF, 188KB) (published in Utilitas)

11/10 Thomas Porter, 'Rawls, Reasonableness, and International Toleration' (PDF, 279KB) (published in Politics, Philosophy, & Economics)

12/10 Kimberley Brownlee and Zofia Stemplowska, 'Trapped in an Experience Machine with a Famous Violinist' (PDF, 189KB)

13/10 Kimberley Brownlee, 'The Offender's Part in the Dialogue' (PDF, 151KB) (a revised version has been published in Crime, Punishment, and Responsibility: Festschrift for Antony Duff. Rowan Cruft, Matthew Kramer, and Mark Reiff (eds.). Oxford University Press, 2011.)

14/10 Adrian Blau, 'Anti-Strauss' (PDF, 412KB)


1/09 John Salter, 'Hume and Mutual Advantage' (PDF, 213KB)

2/09 Jonathan Quong, 'The Distribution of Authority' (now published in a symposium on David Estlund's book, Democratic Authority, in the April 2010 issue of Representation ).

3/09 Tom Goodwin, 'Dirty Hands and Moral Wrongdoing: conceptually clear and logically consistent'(PDF, 69KB)

4/09 Adrian Blau, 'Defending Means-Ends Rationality Against Habermas' (revised version issued as 2/11 above)

5/09 Adrian Blau, 'Political Equality and Political Sufficiency' (PDF, 308KB)

6/09 Alan Hamlin, 'Fixed-Term Parliaments: Electing the Opposition' (PDF, 56KB) (now published in Politics 2010)

7/09 Jonathan Quong, 'Justice Beyond Equality' (PDF, 232KB) (a long review essay of Jerry Cohen's Rescuing Justice and Equality now published in the April 2010 issue of Social Theory and Practice).

8/09 Martin O'Neill, 'Contractualism, Choice and Inequality' (PDF, 208KB)

9/09 Martin O'Neill, 'Corporations and Conventionalism' (PDF, 264KB)

10/09 Martin O'Neill, 'The Facts of Inequality' (PDF, 217KB)

11/09 Martin O'Neill, 'Priority, Preference and Value' (PDF, 161KB)

12/09 Kimberley Brownlee, 'Reasons and Ideals' (PDF, 130KB) (A version of this paper has been published in Philosophical Studies 151: 3 (2010), 433-444.).

13/09 Adrian Blau, 'Hobbes on Corruption' (PDF, 333KB) (now published in History of  Political Thought 30:4, 2009)


1/08 Martin O'Neill, 'Liberty, Equality and Property-Owning Democracy' (PDF, 154KB) (now published in Journal of Social Philosophy 40 (3) (2009)).

2/08 Martin O'Neill, 'Liberal Egalitarian Routes towards Economic Democracy' (PDF, 192KB) (now published in Revue de Philosophie Économique 8 (2) (2008)).

3/08 Kimberley Brownlee, 'Rights, Civil Disobedience, and Punishment' (PDF, 109KB) (This is an expanded version of ‘Penalizing Public Disobedience’ published in Ethics 118 - July 2008).

4/08 Tom Goodwin and Stephen de Wijze, 'Bellamy on Dirty Hands and Lesser Evils: A Response'(PDF, 231KB) (now published in British Journal of Politics and International Relations Vol.11, No. 3, 2009: 529-540)

5/08 Mihaela Georgieva, 'Love and Justice: can political impartialism be defended through the value of "caring" alone?' (PDF, 99KB)

6/08 Alan Hamlin, 'The PPE Enterprise: A Substantive Research Programme' (PDF, 171KB) (Now published in Politics, Philosophy & Economics, 2010)

7/08 Adrian Blau, 'Hobbes’s Failed Political Science' (PDF, 124KB)

8/08 Chris Hughes, 'A Politics in the Absence of a Universal Human Nature' (PDF, 115KB) (Forthcoming in the Review Journal of Political Philosophy)


1/07  John Salter, 'Property and Possession in the First Age of Society: A Note on Adam Smith's Historical Jurisprudence' (PDF, 183KB)

2/07  Kingsley Purdam, Angelia R. Wilson, Reza Afkhami and Wendy Olsen, 'Surveying sexual orientation: asking difficult questions and providing useful answers' (PDF, 149KB) (now published in Culture, Health and Sexuality)

3/07 Jonathan Quong, 'Killing in Self-Defence' (now published in Ethics (PDF, KB) Vol. 119 (April 2009): 507-537).

4/07 Alan Hamlin (with Geoffrey Brennan), 'Positive Constraints on Normative Political Theory'(PDF, 146KB)

5/07 Alan Hamlin, 'The Idea of Welfare and the Welfare State' (PDF, KB) (now published in in Public Finance and Management Vol 8 No 2, 2008)

6/07 Adrian Blau, 'Rationality and Deliberative Democracy: A Constructive Critique of John Dryzek'(PDF, 158KB) ( forthcoming in Contemporary Political Theory)

7/07 Adrian Blau, 'Hobbes on Corruption' (PDF, 333KB) (now published in History of  Political Thought 30:4, 2009)

8/07 Adrian Blau, 'Hobbes's Practical Politics' (PDF, 156KB)

9/07 Zofia Stemplowska, 'What’s Ideal About Ideal Theory?' (PDF, 230KB) (revised version now published in Social Theory and Practice Vol. 34, no. 3 July 2008)

10/07 Alan Hamlin (with Geoffrey Brennan), 'Revisionist Public Choice Theory' (PDF, 160KB) (Now published in New Political Economy Vol 13 Issue 1 2008)


1/06  Hillel Steiner, 'Self-Ownership and Conscription' (PDF, 131KB)

2/06  Hillel Steiner (with Jonathan Wolff), 'Disputed Land Claims:  A Response to Weatherstone and to Bou-Habib and Olsaretti' (PDF, 82KB)

3/06  Alan Hamlin ( with Geoffrey Brennan), 'Conservatism, Idealism and Cardinality' (now published in Analysis) (PDF, 167KB)

4/06  Zofia Stemplowska, 'Holding People Responsible for What They Do Not Control' (PDF, 223KB) (revised version forthcoming in Politics, Philosophy & Economics)

5/06  Jonathan Quong (with Rebecca Stone), 'On Cohen's Egalitarian Ethos'.

6/06  Zofia Stemplowska, 'Making Justice Sensitive to Responsibility' (PDF, 188KB)

7/06  Jonathan Quong, 'Political Liberalism: Ideal not Pragmatic' (a version of this paper is now chapter 5 of a book, Liberalism Without Perfection , Oxford University Press, 2011).


1/05  Alan Hamlin (with Geoffrey Brennan), 'Constitutions as Expressive Documents' (PDF, 72KB) (now published in Weingast, B. and Witman, D. (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Political Economy, (2006) Oxford; Oxford University Press)

2/05  Alan Hamlin (with Colin Jennings), 'Leadership and Conflict' (PDF, 279KB) (now published in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)

3/05  Alan Hamlin, 'Political Dispositions and Dispositional Politics' (PDF, 64KB) (now published in Eusepi, G. and Hamlin, A. (eds) Beyond Conventional Economics, (2006) Cheltenham: Edward Elgar

4/05  Jonathan Quong, 'Paternalism and Perfectionism' (a version of this paper is now chapter 3 of a book, Liberalism Without Perfection , Oxford University Press, 2011).

5/05  Jonathan Quong, 'Contractualism, Reciprocity, and Egalitarian Justice' (now published in Politics, Philosophy, & Economics , Vol. 6, no. 1 (2007): 75-105).

6/05  Kimberley Brownlee, 'Justifications and Rights'

7/05  Andrew Shorten, 'What Good is Language?' (PDF, 212KB)

8/05  Andrew Shorten, 'Cultural Exemptions: The Case of Religious Slaughter Legislation' (PDF, 167KB)

9/05  Andrew Shorten, 'Cultural Controversies and the Limits of Toleration' (PDF, 176KB)

10/05  Emanuela Ceva, 'Impure procedural justice and the management of conflicts about values'(PDF, 105KB)

11/05  Emanuela Ceva, 'The Principle of Adversary Argument: Justice between Substance and Procedures' (PDF, 197KB)

12/05  Kimberley Brownlee, 'Disobedients and Ideals' (PDF, 229KB)

13/05  Jonathan Quong, 'Political Liberalism without Scepticism' (now published in Ratio , Vol. 20, no. 3 (2007): 320-340).


1/04  Kristina Bentley, 'The Foundation of Rights Reconsidered' (PDF, 151KB)

2/04  Kelly Staples, 'The Norms and Ethics of Deliberative Democracy beyond Liberalism' (PDF, 101KB)

The MANCEPT working paper series has recently been revived.  Previous papers in the series were:


Hillel Steiner, 'Human Rights'

Norman Geras, 'Marxists Before the Holocaust'

Peter Lamb, 'Laski on Egalitarian Democracy and Freedom'

Ian Carter, 'Can Enlightenment Morality be Justified Teleologically'

Geraint Parry, 'Learning to be Liberals and Democrats'

Garrath Williams, 'Feminism and Liberalism: on the Fate of the Modern Liberation Movements'

Timothy Kenyon, 'Democratization and the Rule of Law: Evaluating Ethical Significance' 


Timothy Kenyon, 'The Mirage of Choice-Based Education Service: A Critical Re- appraisal of the Influence of Neo-Libertarianism upon Education Policy in the UK' 

Jonathan Seglow, 'Liberals and Nations'  (PDF, 125KB)

Valeri Ledyaev, 'Power and Conflict' (PDF, 122KB)

Rebecca Neal, 'German Women and the Holocaust' (PDF, 136KB)

Dale Pyatt, 'Lives, Liberties, Properties: Rights to Unlock Liberalism' (PDF, 170KB)

Maurizio Passerin d'Entrèves, 'Legitimacy and Democratic Deliberation'  

Stephen de Wijze, 'Learning to be Political Liberals - a Reply to Parry'


Sorin Baiasu, 'Kant and the Difficulties of Beginning: Freedom and Emancipation'

Other publications

Edited collections emerging from seminars and collaborative work within MANCEPT include:

The Enlightenment and Modernity, (eds.) N. Geras & R. Wokler, (London: Macmillan, 2000)

The Public and the Private, (eds.) M. Passerin d’Entreves & U. Vogel (London: Routledge, 2001).