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Current PhD students

  • Ilias Alami - Post-crisis capital account policies in emerging capitalisms: regaining policy space? A comparison between Brazil and South Africa (Manchester Presidents Doctoral Scholarship)
  • The Political Ecology of Resource Extraction under Planetary Urbanisation (Government of Chile funded)
  • Kelvin Charles - The City, Production and Resistance: Hardt and Negri, Occupy Encampments and Space (UoM funded)
  • Simon Chin-yee - Kenya and the global climate change regime.
  • Fadil Erzozer - The limits to Europeanisation: Economic liberalization in Cyprus
  • Beth Howieson - Gender, Hegemony and Counter-Hegemony: Biotechnology and Food Security in Brazil (ESRC-NWDTC funded)
  • Jon Las Heras - European Industrial Relations and National Trade Unions in the Spanish Automotive Industry (UoM funded)
  • Gediminas Lesutis - The Lefebvrian critique of public-private partnerships in agriculture in southern Africa.
  • Caroline Metz - Why is the European Union relaunching asset-securitisation? The politics of financial disintermediation and debt-driven growth (ESRC-NWDTC funded)
  • Nadim Mirshak - Education as resistance? Political education, civil Society and the prospects of democratization in Egypt
  • Ewan Munro - Europeanisation and the British narrative: why is Britain so Euro-sceptical?
  • Christian Scholz - The intensification of political-economic restructuring of the EMU in times of crisis

Past PhD students

Dr Laura White (2015) 

‘Understanding How Executive Leadership Matters in International Politics: An Assessment of WTO Directors-General 1995-2013’.

Dr Giulia Sirigu (2015)

Continuity and Change in Mexican Foreign Policy under Fox: A Strategic-Relational Analysis.

Dr Gareth Price-Thomas (2015) 

‘A brittle ecology? Green parties and economic crisis’. 

Dr Fabiola Mieres (2014)

The Political  Economy of Everyday Precarity: Segmentation, Fragmentation and Transnational Migrant Labor in Californian Agriculture.

Fabiola is currently a Research Associate at the Department of Geography at Durham University, and Honorary Research Fellow at the Brooks World Poverty Institute.

Dr Tomas Maltby (2014)

An investigation into the impact of the Visegrad Group members on EU energy policy since the 2004 enlargement.

Tom is now lecturer in International Politics at Kings College, London.

Dr Bilge Azgin (2012)

EU enlargement and democratisation in Turkey.

Dr Thomas Houseman (2011)

Adorno, Conceptuality and Global Governance Institutions: Explaining the 'Poverty Debate' between the World Bank and the UNDP.

Tom is currently based in Psychological Sciences at The University of Manchester.

Dr Thomas Purcell (2010)

A Marxian Analysis of 'Endogenous Development' in Venezuela: A Critique of the Landlord State under Chavez.

Tom is now Co-ordinator of the National Strategic Centre for the Right to Territory (CENEDET) in Quito, Ecuador.

Dr Japhy Wilson (2009)

Abstract Space and the Plan Puebla Panama: A Lefebvrian Critique of Regional Development in Southern Mexico.

Japhy is now Lecturer in IPE at The University of Manchester, and a Research Fellow at CENEDET.

Dr Khaulath Didi Mohammed (2009)

Globalisation and democratisation: The case of the Maldives.

Dr Denis Murphy (2008)

Critical realism and Marxist state debate.

Dr Huw Macartney (2008)

The Single Securities Market: A Transnational Financial Elite Project.

Huw is now lecturer in IPE at Birmingham University.