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Election was won on wealth creation says Mandelson

15 June 2015

Labour lost the General Election because it did not have a sufficiently convincing wealth creation strategy according to Lord Peter Mandelson, who was speaking to staff and students at The University of Manchester. The former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister was speaking at a special seminar in which political scientists from The University of Manchester dissected the results of the General Election in which they featured so prominently in the media.

Polls, politicians and pundits: the inside story of GE2015 was organised by Democracy and Elections - The University of Manchester’s hub for electoral politics.

Lord Mandelson also argued that Labour needs to ensure it appeals to the whole country and be seen as a credible alternative Government if it is to regain power.

'I was never a poll junkie, I trusted my instincts when I was Labour’s Director of Communications,' he told an expectant Arts Lecture Theatre audience.

'I have always anticipated every election result, except this last one,' he added.

 Also speaking was:

  • Prof Jane Green, a co-Director of the British Election Study and a leading expert on the Conservative party who fronted up ITV’s election night coverage.
  • Dr Rob Ford, a consultant psephologist on the BBC’s election team, on the Polling Observatory team, and one of the nation’s leading experts on Ukip.
  • Prof Andrew Russell, Manchester’s Head of Politics and a regular contributor to TV, radio and newspaper election coverage as well a top expert on the Liberal Democrats.
  • Prof Ed Fieldhouse, co-Director of the British Election Study and leading expert on voting behaviour, electoral geography and political participation.
  • Dr Maria Sobolewska, a BBC Radio Five Live election night pundit and one of the foremost commentators on ethnic minority voters.

Prof Rachel Gibson convenor of Democracy and Elections and Prof Andy Westwood, Associate Vice-President for Public Affairs and a former special adviser chaired the event.

Prof Gibson said: 'Our speakers all gave highly incisive insights into what was one of the most surprising election results the UK has seen. Political scientists from The University of Manchester played a high profile part in the way the election was covered in the media and this event was a great way to celebrate that. The addition of Lord Mandelson to the panel added a rich dimension of insight to the discussion given his long experience of fighting General Elections and insider knowledge of Labour’s campaign tactics.'


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