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WP6: Theory Building

A key component of the UIC research has been the theory-building element which ran throughout the programme and came together in this WP.

Its work informed the establishment and development of the empirical projects in years 1-4 and the data gathered from these empirically based projects have contributed to the development of an overarching analytical framework.

Informed by a feminist institutionalist approach, this work package therefore has brought together the findings of the empirically based projects to consider the significance of changes and challenges to formal and informal rules, norms and practices resulted in different forms of gender institutional change. It has assessed the range of distributional consequences and the implications for strategies that aim to achieve positive gender change in a range of institutional contexts not just gender specific institutions.

As such, this project did not involve any primary research and the PI, Georgina Waylen, took the lead, with contributions from other team members. This WP has also contributed to the further development of feminist institutionalism.

Duration 60 months. June 2012 to May 2017.

Key people

  • Georgina Waylen

Key publications