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Gender in Politics

Our network of researchers and teachers is committed to addressing the following questions, and to understanding and theorizing how political life from bedrooms to financial institutions, at the local, regional, national, transnational and global level is gendered.

  • Interested in how the personal is political?
  • Curious about how ‘gender makes the world go round’?
  • Dedicated to exposing the workings of power that produce and sustain unequal gender relations and injustice?
  • Committed to critically engaging and challenging dominant gendered norms to instigate change, both in the everyday and traditional halls of power?

The group brings together students and staff from various parts of the broader discipline such as international politics, global political economy, political theory, comparative politics, and public policy  interested in teaching and researching the politics of gender, broadly conceptualized.

If you are interested in being involved please contact Cristina Masters ( or Georgina Waylen (


  • To facilitate and support high quality gender and politics research across the discipline area, across the global north-global south divide and across methodological boundaries
  • To facilitate and support the teaching of gender and politics courses across the discipline area and at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • To support graduate research students as active members in a community of gender and politics researchers 
  • To enable the translation of research into usable information relevant to gender policy makers from around the globe
  • To ensure that those outside of the university have easy access to the expertise and outputs of gender and politics researchers

Members of the group

  • Claire Annesley
  • Faith Armitage
  • Stephanie Collins
  • Leah Culhane
  • Francesca Gains
  • Sara Kallock
  • Cristina Masters
  • Laura McLeod
  • Blanca Merino Casallo
  • Miriam Ronzoni
  • Carmen Sepulveda
  • Liam Shields
  • Georgina Waylen
  • Angie Wilson

Gender and Politics units taught in Politics

Undergraduate gender units

  • POLI32092 Sex, Bodies and Money: Gendering International Political Economy
  • POLI30791 Gender, War and Militarism
  • POLI30232 Gender, Sexuality and Politics

Undergraduate units with substantial gender content

  • POLI30051 Pluralism, Democracy, and Citizenship
  • POLI31032: Children, the Family and Social Justice

Postgraduate gender units

  • POLI71082 Gender and Global Political Economy
  • POLI70672 Women, Sex and Politics

Postgraduate units with substantial gender content

  • POLI70942: The Ethics of Procreation and Upbringing

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