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Feminist Political Economy Network

The Feminist Political Economy Network (FEM-PEN) is a UK-based academic network that aims to facilitate research on and discussion of the gendered dimensions of the global political economy.

Launched in October 2013, the network is currently linked to several universities in the UK, including Manchester, Sheffield, Warwick and York, though our aim is to build links across institutions throughout the UK.

Who can join?

The network is open to all, including undergraduate and postgraduate students and those not linked to an academic institution working in the broad areas of gender and economics, development, politics and political economy.

Origins and goals

Interest in establishing an interdisciplinary feminist political economy network in the UK has been expressed at several recent events. These include two conferences in September 2013:

  • the Standing Group on International Relations/ European International Studies Association (SGIR/EISA) conference in Warsaw (which featured a nine-panel section on Feminist Global Political Economy)
  • the postgraduate conference on Gender, Neoliberalism, and Financial Crisis at the University of York.

The tremendous success of these events has made it clear that the most recent global financial crisis has created an opening for renewed discussions about the complex and multifaceted ways in which gender relations are being conditioned by, and in turn condition, politico-economic processes within the UK and globally.

Building on the momentum of these one-off events, the goals of FEM-PEN are to:

  • facilitate a more sustained conversation among feminist political economists within the UK by creating opportunities for academics and practitioners to develop and present new projects and research
  • build links across institutions and facilitate collaboration among scholars interested in the shifting terrain of gendered political economy.

Group convenors

How to participate

If you would like to join FEM-PEN or to be added to our email list please contact Sydney Calkin:

We also invite those interested in hosting events or giving talks as part of our Speaker Series to get in touch by email.