Sabrina Villenave

Title of thesis

Enforced disappearances in Brazil: a military regime phenomenon?


My research focuses on disappearances as a phenomenon that has been highly politicised from Latin America’s experience on dictatorships during the 1970s. However, the disappearances of favela’s inhabitants, rural workers or indigenous peoples were not considered political. My work explores three strands of analyses following Agamben’s concepts of security apparatus, bare life and camp.

The first focuses on state apparatus as the sovereign action and reaction towards disappearances; the second explores the concept of bare life while addressing how apparatus is related to subjectivities giving it hierarchization and making the lives of some people bare. Finally, but no less important, I discuss how spatiality impacts in the decision that excludes some people and makes them worthless, bare.

Academic supervisors

Planned submission date

September 2017

Research interests

State violence, political trauma, critical security studies.