Patrick English

Working title of thesis

A Nation Divided: Anti-Immigrant Attitudes and Representation of Migrant Communities Across Britain

Academic supervisors

Planned submission date

December 2017

Project overview

PATHWAYS - “Pathways to Power: The Political Representation of Citizens of Immigrant Origin in Seven European Democracies” — is a cooperative international endeavour on the political representation of citizens of immigrant origin in seven European Democracies.

It will study the representation of citizens of immigrant origin in legislative bodies, both national and region, across each democracy, as well as levels of pro- and anti-immigrant mobilisation and political engagement. Using new data and collations of existing data, this project will produce a comprehensive study of unparalleled size and ambition.

Research interests

  • Public Opinion
  • Representation
  • Elections
  • Political Parties

Conferences and invited presentations

ECPR 2014 Annual Conference, Glasgow

Research assistance experience

  • Research assistant with LIVEWHAT FP7 Project (2013-15)
  • Research Associate with ORA: PATHWAYS Project Researcher with World Bank Psephologist with BBC

Positions held

Visiting Research Fellow, CEVIPIOF, Sciences Po



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