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Nicola Mulkeen

Title of thesis

Commerce, coin and exploitation


My project aims to address the question of what it actually means for a person to be exploited.  I am centrally concerned to ask what is responsible for the likely injustice faced by specific groups and what would bring about the opposite of this, procedures of justice that would allow for equal freedom and equal rights.  I seek to draw from a coalition of the very important and enduring insights that both the Left libertarian and Rawlsian approaches have put on the table, a depiction of key elements from within a liberal egalitarian spectrum.  By conjoining the two approaches, I wish to advance a new account of exploitation, one that draws on existing Rawlsian and Left libertarian ideas, but is original in the way that it fuses these ideas.  Although this framework will be formulated at rather an abstract level, the underlying aim is to develop a global economic standard to ensure that when individuals engage in trade, it is done on terms that are free and fair.  


  • Jonathan Quong
  • James Pattison

Planned submission date

September 2017

Research interests

My research interests are in political philosophy, mostly concerning distributive justice, and the conceptual analysis of freedom and rights.

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