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Kelvin Charles

Title of thesis

The common in Hardt and Negri: Substantiating the concept through its urban, digital and political moments.


I am currently a PhD student at The University of Manchester having received my Undergraduate degree in Politics and Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Sheffield. I am a recipient of the SOSS scholarship.

Academic supervisors

Project overview

My thesis substantiates and develops the concept of the common found in Hardt and Negri’s Empire trilogy through three central ‘moments’. These three moments are the urban, the digital and the political common, all of which seek to highlight the importance of reading the common as centring on the physicality of struggle. Through theoretical development and reflection on the 2011 Occupy encampment protests. I show how occupation disrupted and reformulated life in the urban environment. I argue the camp is not only a defining feature of the Occupy movement, but it also enables a study of the interrelations of space and place with democratic organisational processes, digital movement diffusion and urban power relations.

Research interests

I am interested in many areas of political theory, specifically continental philosophy and critical political theory. My research takes in Marxian, anarchist and feminist perspectives. I enjoy interdisciplinary approaches to a wide range of urban, geographic and resistive practices as well as working class and social movement history.


I have taught on the Introduction to Political Theory (POLI10702) and the Politics of Globalisation (POLI20711) modules.

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