Eleanor Hill

Title of thesis

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know: What are the implications of social networks in UK politics for electoral choice? 


This research is about the role of networks in politics and looks specifically at how networks affect the candidate selection and election process in the Labour Party. It focuses on two networks – biraderi kinship networks and trade union networks and asks how these networks affect voter choice and, ultimately, who gets into parliament.

Academic supervisors

  • Maria Sobolewska
  • Rob Ford

Planned submission date

  • September 2017


Research assistant experience

Qualitative research assistance experience carrying out a series of elite interviews with political and community activists.


  • 2012 - BA Hons, First, Politics and History, University of Newcastle 
  • 2014 - MA Politics (Democracy and Elections Research Route), Distinction, University of Manchester.


ESRC-funded student.


  • 2012 - University of Newcastle Politics Dissertation Prize
  • 2012 - University of Newcastle Politics and History Award

Contact details

Email: Eleanor.hill@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk