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Christian Scholz

Title of thesis

The EMU's new Politics of Labour. A political analysis of labour market reorganisation under the EU's New Economic Governance.


My PhD project is a political analysis of the reorganisation of labour markets in the Euro-Area through the ‘stronger’ legal instruments of the EU’s New Economic Governance, which developed throughout the recent years of crisis management. The research project investigates how and why EU-level institutions have developed an increasing capacity to intervene with the national organisation of labour markets as a central aspect of the process of European integration since the onset of the financial and economic crisis of 2007/8. For this purpose a policy-document analysis is conducted through the methodological lenses of a Critical Political Economy approach.

Academic supervisors

  • Dr Ian Bruff
  • Dr Adrienne Roberts

Research interests

  • Global Political Economy
  • Political Economy of European Integration
  • Materialist State Theory
  • Critical Theory
  • Dialectical Method
  • History of Economic Thought


  • MA Political Economy (with Distinction), University of Manchester, 2014
  • BA Liberal Arts and Sciences (in Honours), University College Maastricht, 2013

Conference papers

  • "Managing the Limits of the EMU's Politics of Austerity", paper presented at the Kassel-Manchester Workshop for Global Political Economy, 25 - 26 May, University of Manchester (UK) 2015
  • "The Socialist Calculation Debate between Formal and Substantive Rationality. A reconsideration of the early debate in the light of Max Weber's contribution", paper presented at the IIPPE Conference 2015, 9 - 11 September, University of Leeds (UK) 2015
  • "What's new about the EMU's new Economic Governance? Stronger governance for structural reforms", paper presented at the Sociology Summer Conference 2015, Lancaster University (UK).

Teaching experience 

  • Teaching Assistant for the course 'Politics of Development' (POLI20722), Politics Department, University of Manchester 2015
  • Teaching Assistant for the course 'Introduction to Political Theory' (POLI10702). Politics Department, University of Manchester

Conference organisation

  • Initiator and member of the organisational committee of the Kassel-Manchester Workshops for Global Political Economy


  • Studentship of School of Social Sciences