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Bolarinwa Adediran

Bolarinwa Adediran

Title of thesis

Beyond Reforms: Implementing the Responsibility to Protect


  • Prof James Pattison
  • Dr Shogo Suzuki


My research interrogates the idea that both formal and informal reform to the Security Council could lead to effective, efficient and perhaps, consistent responses to genocides; ethnic cleansings; war crimes; and crimes against humanity. It proceeds by comprehensively and critically engaging a host of proposals for expanding the Council and reforming its working methods. It also engages with ideas that attempt to circumvent the Security Council as the primary institution that responds to mass atrocity situations. The intention is to ascertain the feasibility of any of these ideas to qualitatively improve the international community’s responsibility to protect.

Planned submission date

September 2017

Research interests

The Security Council; genocide studies; human rights discourse; the responsibility to protect; peace-keeping; humanitarian intervention; and the sovereignty discourse.

Awards and bursaries

  • School of Social Sciences Field Work Bursary (£3,000)
  • School of Social Sciences grant towards fees (£13,900)
  • Norman Chester Fund Award (£250)

Conference papers

Adediran, B., (2015), 'Exploring the Feasibility of Security Council Reform Proposals', MANCEPT Internal Conference, University of Manchester, 13 June 2015

Adediran, B., (2015), 'Moving R2P Forward Beyond the R2NV Myth',Conflict Research Society Annual Conference, University of Kent, Canterbury September 14&15 2015

Adediran, B., (2016), 'Beyond UNSC Reforms: Implementing the Responsibility to Protect', MANCEPT Research Seminar, University of Manchester, 18 February 2016

Adediran, B., (2016), 'R2P and the Futility of Security Council Reform Initiatives', ESRC-funded Workshop on UN Reform and R2P,co-hosted by the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University, 24 June 2016

Teaching experience

I have 3years experience as a Teaching Assistant on the following courses:

  • POLI10601: Introduction to International Politics (University of Manchester)
  • POLI20332: The Politics of (in)Security (University of Manchester)

My responsibilities include course administration and planning, tutorials, and marking of essays and exams.

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