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Anouk Kootstra

Title of thesis

Deservingness in diverse welfare states: an experimental study of public solidarity with minority and majority welfare claimants in Britain and the Netherlands


  • Dr Robert Ford
  • Dr Maria Sobolewska

Planned submission date

December 2016


I investigate the effects of diversity on solidarity by examining how immigration and increasing ethnic diversity impact on the social legitimacy of two west-European welfare states, Britain and the Netherlands. Methodologically, I mainly use survey experiments part of a novel panel data set that we administered among approximately 5000 respondents in both countries. [


  • 2011 MSc Res Social Science (cum laude), University of Amsterdam
  • 2009 BSc Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Utrecht University


Robert Ford and Anouk Kootstra (2016). The Impact of Ethnic and Religious Targeting on Support for State Assistance: Experimental Evidence from Britain. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Advance online publication.

Anouk Kootstra (2016). Deserving and Undeserving Welfare Claimants in Britain and the Netherlands: Examining the Role of Ethnicity and Migration Status Using a Vignette Experiment. European Sociological Review. Advance online publication.

Under review

Anouk Kootstra. Us and Them: Deservingness Opinions in the British Welfare State. In: The Social Legitimacy of Targeted Welfare: New Perspectives on Popular Welfare Deservingness Opinions. Wim van Oorschot, Femke Roosma, Bart Meuleman and Tim Reeskens (eds.). Conditionally accepted.

Anouk Kootstra. Welfare Chauvinism and Welfare Ethnocentrism in Britain and the Netherlands: Measurement and Explanation Using a Quasi-Experimental Panel Design. Currently under review.

Research visits

2016 KU Leuven, Social Policy and Social Work research group (3m) 2015 WZB Berlin, Migration and Diversity research group (3m)

Grants and awards

  • Jos Berghman Welfare Studies Stipend, KU Leuven
  • ESRC Overseas Institutional Visit Scheme
  • American Political Science Association Travel Grant
  • Norman Chester Travel Grant
  • ESRC Full Studentship
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods Stipend
  • Shortlist Best Teacher Award, University of Amsterdam

Conference presentations

  • Politicologenetmaal 2016, Brussels
  • Political Studies Association 2016, Brighton
  • Elections Public Opinion and Parties 2015, Cardiff
  • American Political Science Association 2015, San Francisco
  • International Society for Political Psychology 2015, San Diego
  • Politicologenetmaal 2015, Maastricht
  • ESPAnet 2014, Oslo.



  • Making Sense of Politics, University of Manchester (UoM) Politics Research Project, UoM (feedback and marking only)


  • B.Sc. Dissertation (co-)supervision, University of Amsterdam (UoA)
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods I, UoA
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods II, UoA
  • Perspectives on Modernity, UoA
  • Perspectives on Social Inequality (also course convenor), UoA
  • Crash Course Research Methodology for M.Sc. students (also course convenor), UoA


  • Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods, UoA
  • Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods, UoA