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Party politics and polling

Our experts follow every twist and turn in the fortunes of the UK’s leading political parties, as well as elections, political speeches and the rise of UKIP.

Prof Ed Fieldhouse

Political participation, voting and poll analysis

Prof Ed Fieldhouse

A Professor of Social and Political Science, Ed is Co-Investigator of the British Election Study, run by Manchester, Oxford and Nottingham Universities; one of the longest running election surveys worldwide. He was appointed as founding director of the Institute for Social Change, a position which he held until September 2012. His main research interests are electoral geography and political participation and in particular social influences on voter turnout.

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Professor Rob Ford

Voting and poll analysis, US political relations, Far right

Dr Rob Ford

Rob is an expert on public opinion, electoral choice, immigration politics and the radical right. He is a co-author of "Revolt on the Right", an award-winning study of UKIP and co-editor of "Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box", a volume of essays looking at the more unusual elements of voter behaviour and psychology. Rob has worked as a consultant psephologist with the BBC elections programme since 2005 and has extensive television, radio and print media experience.

Prof Jane Green

Voting and poll analysis, Conservative party

Prof Jane Green

Jane is a Co-Director of the British Election Study. She is an election analyst for ITV News election programming and was ITV’s expert for the 2015 general election, the 2016 EU referendum, the 2016 US Presidential election, and for the forthcoming 2017 general election. Jane was a member of the official inquiry into the 2015 opinion polls. She is a regular commentator on national and international media on elections, voting, public opinion and party politics.

Prof Dave Richards

The political biography, Government

Prof Dave Richards

A Professor of Public Policy, Dave's main research interests are in British politics, Australian politics, public policy, governance, globalisation, state theory and political biography. His current research addresses themes of democracy and accountability, leaks and whistleblowing in government, institutions and crisis and the role of political biography in political analysis.