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Professor Andrew Russell
Professor Andrew Russell

The University of Manchester’s Politics Expert Media Group is a great resource for journalists to provide quick and accurate insight as events in the world of politics unfold. As the largest political science department in the country, Manchester’s experts are uniquely placed to interpret and analyse the coming and goings on the political stage.

As public intellectuals, we take our obligations seriously and value the opportunity to take part in the national debate recognising the important role the media can play in making this happen.

Whether you are a print, online or broadcast journalist, we are happy and able to engage with you to interpret and analyse the events of the day in Westminster and how they play out in Whitehall and beyond.

Prof Andrew Russell
The University of Manchester

We offer expertise in the following areas

  • Democracy - the voting age, Liberal Democrats, Voting and poll analysis, government, the political biography, New media, Religious voters, The ethnic minority vote, speech analysis
  • Europe and international - voting and poll analysis, US political relations, far right
  • Party politics and polling - political participation, voting and poll analysis, Conservative party
  • Policy - public policy, race, ethnic inequalities and immigration, education, educational leadership