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Graduates and alumni

Our alumni are welcomed back to advise and support our undergraduate students.

Name: Louiza Hadjivasiliou
Degree: Politics and International Relations (2006)
Job: Project Coordinator
Organisation: NGO Support Centre

Louiza currently works in Cyprus for a local NGO called the NGO Support Centre. Louiza is responsible for the implementation of a European Commission funded project that aims to raise awareness in Cyprus of development theories and strategies between NGOs, academics and decision makers.

After completing an MA is Belgium, Louiza secured an internship at the European Commission in Brussels for six months before moving to Nicosia, Cyprus, to work for the European Commission as Communications Officer. After 18 months, she joined the NGO Support Centre.

“My degree offered me the foundation for my career. It gave me the academic skills, but also the whole experience that comes with university, upon which I came to build everything else."

For Louiza, her time at Manchester opened a wealth of new opportunities allowing her to follow her passion in politics and international relations, as well a building lasting friendships.

“I enjoyed everything about my life in Manchester; my course, my lectures, the student life. It combines excellent academic standards and a brilliant chance to network”.