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Political Economy Institute

Society and environment

The Society and Environment Research Group (SERG) is one of the largest groupings of environmental social scientists in the UK and internationally.

SERG comprises internationally distinguished researchers and early career scholars from the School of Environment, Education and Development and the School of Social Sciences.

Group members share a common interest in the causes and consequences of environmental change. More substantively, we have a commitment to analysing:

  • the political economic drivers of such change;
  • its uneven socio-spatial consequences; and
  • the way these consequences are negotiated by a variety of actors.


Normatively, our work focuses on the needs and wants of the poor and marginalised, recognising that social and environmental justice go hand-in-hand. In sum, our research focuses on the intersection of and engagement between the social and biophysical sciences, and is critical in tenor.

Further information

For more information on the group and its activities, please see the SERG website.