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ESRC Seminar: Climate Justice and Economic Growth at the Manchester Political Economy Institute 

Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 January 2017

Venue: E2 Renold Building, University of Manchester

This workshop tackles a cluster of questions concerning economic growth and climate justice.

  • Is the prevention of climate catastrophe incompatible with economic growth?
  • Does climate justice within and across generations require moving beyond economic growth?
  • Or is economic growth, at least in developing countries, a requirement of climate justice?
  • How can meeting the basic needs of all in a global economy be ensured in a the context of climate change?
  • What role should physical and political feasibility constraints play in determining responses to climate change?   
  • Are economic instruments such as emissions trading compatible with climate justice?
  • Are there limits to the goods that are required for a good life?
  • Should there be the limits on the acquisition of wealth?

The workshop seeks to bring together economists, philosophers and practitioners to tackle these pressing questions.

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Monday January 30

10am – 12.30pm Growth and climate change

  • Professor Kevin Anderson (University of Manchester) Climate change and growth
  • Professor Diane Coyle (University of Manchester) Climate change and GDP
  • Discussant Professor Mathew Paterson  (University of Manchester)

1.30pm -5pm Well-being, growth and climate justice

  • Professor Max Koch (Lund University)  Climate Change, Sustainable Welfare and the State
  • Discussant: Dr. Daniel Bailey (University of Sheffield)
  • Professor Ian Gough (London School of Economics) Needs, justice and climate change
  • Discussant: Elena Hofferberth (University of Leeds)
  • Dr. Julia Steinberger (University of Leeds) What is necessary to live well?
  • Discussant: Dr. Gareth Dale (Brunel University)

5.30pm - 7pm

  • Professor Mark Sagoff (George Mason University): In defence of ecomodernism (by video link)
  • Discussant: Dr. Rupert Read (University of East Anglia)

Tuesday January 31

9am-12.30pm Green growth or degrowth?

  • Professor Michael Jacobs (University College London) In defence of green growth
  • Professor Giorgos Kallis  (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) In defence of degrowth
  • Dr.Eugen Pissarskoi (Institute for Ecological Economy Research, Berlin) Degrowth, Green Growth, and A-Growth: an Argumentation Analysis
  • Discussant: Dr. Robert Watt (University of Manchester)

1.30pm - 3pm Growth, climate and global justice

  • Professor Chuks Okereke (University of Reading) Green Economy and Climate Justice
  • Ndubuisi Edeh (Institute for Ecological Economy Research, Berlin) Economics and Ethics of Climate Change: How Much Does It Matter?
  • Discussant Professor Bina Agarwal (University of Manchester)

3.330pm - 5pm

  • Professor Ellie Perkins (York University, Canada) Degrowth, Commons and Climate Justice: Ecofeminist and Indigenous Political Traditions (by video link)


The Renold Building in Manchester University is close to Piccadilly Station, Manchester.  You will find it as building 8 on the campus map.