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Manchester Philosophy of Language Group

This group investigates philosophical issues about language and includes academic staff and graduate students within Philosophy, as well as visiting scholars.

Since Frege's pioneering work, research about the nature of language and linguistic representation continues to be a central component of philosophy.

At Manchester, our research in this field has been concerned with such questions as:

  • What is metaphor and how does it work? 
  • What are the roles of the truth predicate and what do they tell us about what truth is? 
  • What are propositions? 
  • How are ascriptions of de re thoughts to be understood?

The group's activities include reading groups, workshops and conferences.

Past workshops

These have included presentations by Øystein Linnebo, Penelope Mackie and George Bealer and a major international conference (2009) on fictionalism, featured Paul Horwich, Mary Leng, John Divers, Daniel Nolan, Jonas Olson, Mark Balaguer, Jussi Suikkanen, Anthony Eagle, Robbie Williams and Stephen Yablo.

Visiting scholars

The group is keen to welcome visiting scholars for either short or extended visits. For further information, please contact Chris Daly, the Group's director.

We have a particularly strong and growing postgraduate community working in this area, and we provide a lively and well-provisioned research environment.

Graduate studies

We welcome enquiries from anyone considering graduate studies in philosophy of language. In the first place, please contact Joel Smith, our Director of Graduate Studies (Research) for PhD enquiries, Catharine Abell, our Director of Graduate Studies (Taught) for MA enquiries, or Chris Daly.

Current project

Graham Stevens, 'Exploring issues in semantics at the interface of linguistics and philosophy'.