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Public engagement

We try to bring our own work, and philosophy more generally, to a wider audience.

Public lectures

Our annual public lecture series, the Dorothy Emmet Lectures, started in 2016, with Catherine Z. Elgin (Harvard) talking about representation in science and art. Our 2017 lecturer was Sherri Irvin (Oklahoma), who spoke about aesthetics and resisting body oppression. Our 2018 lecturer was Marya Schechtman (UIC), who spoke about how memories who and what we are. Our 2019 lecture will be given by Clare Chambers (Cambridge), whose talk is titled "Against Marriage: An Egalitarian Defence of the Marriage-Free State".


  • Laws of Nature: Helen Beebee debates the laws of nature with Gerard 't Hooft, David Malone, and Laura Mersini-Houghton, as part of the Institute of Arts and Ideas HowTheLightGetsIn festival

On the radio

  • Free will: Helen Beebee discusses free will with Melvyn Bragg, Simon Blackburn and Galen Strawson on In our Time
  • Logical positivism: Thomas Uebel discusses the logical positivists with Melvyn Bragg, Nancy Cartwright and Barry Smith on In Our Time
  • Hume: Helen Beebee discusses David Hume with Melvyn Bragg, James Harris and Peter Millican on In Our Time
  • More Hume: Helen Beebee discusses Hume again, this time with Alan Saunders on The Philosopher's Zone on Australia's Radio National. (Click on 'Download audio'.)
  • The problem of induction: Helen Beebee discusses induction with Matthew Sweet, zoologist Matthew Cobb, weather forecaster John Hammond and others, in The Philosophers Arms.

Blogs and articles

Schools, colleges and widening participation

We get out to local schools and colleges from time to time to give talks. We also run a Pre-University Course in Philosophy for year 12 and 13 students from widening-participation postcodes, aimed at introducing school and sixth-form college students both to philosophy and to university study more generally.