Our first project was funded by the John Rylands Research Institute and Library. It involved two visiting researchers – Dr Anthony Fisher and Dr Emily Thomas – doing archival research on the Samuel Alexander Papers. One of the outputs of the project was the website you’re currently looking at.

Our second project saw Anthony spend nearly two years in Philosophy at the University of Manchester, from January 2014 to October 2015, on a Newton International Fellowship.

Anthony’s project involved a detailed study of Alexander’s metaphysics of spacetime and ontological categories in its historical context. The letters displayed on the correspondence page along with many other letters in the Samuel Alexander Papers at the Rylands will be incorporated into Anthony’s exposition of Alexander.

The project also involved an evaluation of the historical significance and impact Alexander had on the Scottish-born Australian philosopher John Anderson, who attended Alexander’s Gifford Lectures in Glasgow (1916–1918) and subsequently gave his own lectures on Alexander’s Space, Time and Deity in the 1940s at the University of Sydney. Anderson taught a whole host of Australian philosophers from 1927–1962 and founded a realist tradition in Australia.

Watch Anthony's 'Heritage Heroes' video on Alexander. Or read up on Alexander at the John Rylands Special Collections Blog.


Read Anthony’s article from The Monist (2015) 'Samuel Alexander’s Theory of Categories' (preprint available)

Read Emily’s articles on Samuel Alexander in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy or the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Read more about John Anderson’s archive housed at the University of Sydney in Australia.