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The Architecture of Consciousness

The Architecture of Consciousness is a five-year European Research Council (ERC) funded project which aims to develop a model of the structural features of consciousness.

The project will focus on the following aspects of consciousness: its subjectivity, its temporality, its unity, its selectivity, and its dimensionality (that is, the relationship between the various levels of consciousness).

By developing a model of the structural features of consciousness, the project aims to bridge the gap between raw data on the one hand and a full-blown theory of consciousness on the other. Regular workshops will be held on project themes, details of which will be posted on this site.

The project is directed by Prof Tim Bayne. The project involves several postdoctoral researchers; the first two postdocs to join the project are Tom McClelland and Jonathan Farrell.

For further information about the project please contact Tim Bayne (

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