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Paula Satne

I studied philosophy in Buenos Aires where I graduated with a thesis on Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics under the supervision of Osvaldo Guariglia.

An Overseas Research Scholarship enabled me to study for a PhD at The University of Manchester. Originally I wanted to compare Aristotle’s and Kant’s ethics. However, my interest for Kant took over and I ended up writing a doctoral thesis on Kant’s Theory of Motivation and Rational Agency. The aim of the thesis was to offer a reconstruction of Kant’s theory of motivation for cases of permissible, moral and immoral action, and place this theory within contemporary debates on the nature of reasons for actions.

My experience in Manchester was very positive. I received excellent supervision from Harry Lesser, Anthony Hatzimoysis and Graham Stevens. I had the opportunity to participate and (on occasion) organise various workshops and conferences. I was able to develop my teaching skills by teaching seminars and tutorials on a wide variety of topics. Also, the postgrad community of philosophy students was very lively and I made good friends from Britain and many overseas countries.

Since finishing my PhD I have taught philosophy at the University of Bolton, Open University, Keele University, and most recently Durham University. I'm delighted to say that I shall shortly take up a lectureship at the University of Manchester. My current research focuses on human evil and the ethics of forgiveness: my most recent papers attempt to develop a Kantian approach to forgiveness and understand the nature of the relationship between forgiveness and self-respect.