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Pilar Lopez-Cantero

Research interests

Emotions, love and friendship, ethics, political philosophy.

PhD thesis

I am a PhD Candidate at The University of Manchester specialising in the metaphysics of love and friendship. My focus is on romantic love, and the questions of what is to be (and fall) in love and why we love certain people romantically.

My view on romantic love brings together the theories of narrative identity and romantic identification. Besides a foundational research on emotions and theories of love, my work includes insight from philosophy of mind, philosophy of action and aesthetics.



  • Forth. The Break-Up Check: Exploring Romantic Love Through Relationship Terminations. Philosophia.
  • 2016. Caring for Strangers: Can Partiality Support Cosmopolitanism? Diacritica 30(2), 87-105

Conferences and presentations

  • "The break-up check: testing theories of love in relationship terminations". Annual conference of the European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions. University of Athens, June 2016.
  • "Can’t dope me love: why neuroenhancement should not be used to avoid divorces". Worldly Matters: 6th International Graduate Conference. Central University Budapest, April 2016.
  • "Caring for Strangers: Can Partiality Support Cosmopolitanism?" VI Meetings on Ethics and Political Philosophy. University of Minho (Braga), June 2015.

Other information

My research is generously supported with an internal award by the School of Social Sciences at The University of Manchester.

Before embarking on my PhD, I did an MSc in Philosophy (Specialisation in Ethics) at the University of Edinburgh, finishing in 2014.

Previously, I had a career as a journalist in several countries, with a special interest in human rights.