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Royal Institute of Philosophy events

The Royal Institute of Philosophy (RIP) was founded in London in the 1920s, and its mission is to educate the public in philosophy. It does this by putting on public events, publishing books and journals, funding philosophy courses in schools, working in prisons, among many other activities.

There are now more than 30 branches of the RIP throughout the UK, and in the Manchester branch we have held a number of RIP-funded events.

Recent events


Faith, Hope, and Trust

  • A conference exploring the related themes of faith, hope, and trust.

The Dorothy Emmet Lecture

  • An annual lecture aimed at the public. This year our speaker was Dr Clare Chambers (Cambridge), whose lecture was titled ‘Against Marriage.’


Personhood and Selfhood

  • A series of one-day events exploring social personhood, narrative views of the self, and self-consciousness.

Quine and Naturalism

  • An event exploring Quine and Naturalism, which included an introductory talk on Quine for a general audience.

Forgiveness, Apology, and Reconciliation

  • An event exploring responses to wrongdoing.


For more information, please contact the branch organiser – Dr David Liggins (