Picture competition

As part of the project, we ran a picture competition inviting people to add images on the theme of how we live the weather to our flickr group. We had a great response - thank you to everybody who added photos. The winners' photos are below. 

John Anderson, 'Thomas in the rain'

Thomas playing in the rain

Winner (Photography)

'This is my eldest boy. When it rains people tend to moan but Thomas has always LOVED the rain. A good challenge to see things differently and seize the day regardless!'


Judges comments:

We liked the composition, textures and animation in the photo, and the way it evoked a joyous form of ‘living the weather.


Inma Serrano, 'Día de lluvia'

Sketch of red umberella in the street

Winner (Sketching).

'This old woman was sitting at her home door. It was a grey day. I was sketching the street from my new balcony. Everything was grey. It started to rain and she opened a red umbrella. She didn't move. So I decided to sketch the red point from the umbrella. It saved my drawing.'

Judges' comments:

A very good sketch, with strong composition and use of colour, which captures a certain commitment to 'living the weather' on a grey day.


Jonathan Fisher, 'Todmorden'

Wind turbines on a snow covered moor

Runner up (Photography). 

Judges comments:

We liked the composition of the picture, and the way it captured the atmospherics of living the weather through walking the dogs atop the moors


Anne-Marie Rickus, 'Community spirit shines through during the Yorkshire floods'

Sketch of people helping to clear up after the floods

Runner up (Sketching) 

Judges comments:

A very good sketch, which captures the experience of cleaning up after the 2015 Yorkshire floods, and the sense of community spirit that emerged.


Ken Kajoranta, 'Misty Morning'

Tree in the mist

Highly commended

'Got caught by humid and misty weather on one of my morning runs in Spring. The park looked completely different which was exciting and chilling at the same time.'

Cristina Curto Teixido, 'Under the burning sun'

Sketch of person sunbathing

Highly commended

'Some sunscreen for grandma. Sa Conca beach at "la Costa Brava"'


Sarah Keynes, 'Pedestrian in the snow'

Pedestrian in the snow

Highly commended

'I love the ease of walking through crisp, fresh snowfall before sustained cold and foot traffic have turned the pavements into polished ice.'


Patty Callaghan, 'Treacle Market'

Sketch of a market

Highly commended

'Rain at the treacle market sketchcrawl. The bright colours of the umbrellas echoed the market awnings.'


Laura Biggart and Andrea Kelly, 'Blown sideways'

Trees bent by winds

Highly commended

'Trees are excellent markers of prevailing or extreme weather, we love seeing the shapes that the weather fashions them into. We tried to mirror the shape here.'


Tim Richardson, 'Chinese New Year crowd'

Umbrellas in a crowd

Highly commended

'Done on the Chinese New Year Birmingham Sketchcrawl number 5½. Was going to draw the stage in the background but rain prevented it.'

Judging criteria and panel

Pictures were divided into sketches/drawings and photos for judging: in each category, the winner received £100 in vouchers, the runner-up received £25 in vouchers, and three people were highly commended.

Entries were judged primarily on their engagement with, and interpretation of, the theme of ‘living the weather’. Aesthetic merit was also be taken into consideration. The judges took account of any supporting words, captions and titles submitted with the entries. Entries were judged by: