Being an egg or sperm donor

Exploring the impact of donating on the everyday lives of donors.

Egg and sperm

This is the first major study of this topic since the move towards identity-release donation in UK clinics. Our research is based on in-depth interviews with: egg and sperm donors; partners and parents of donors; and counsellors and staff working with donors in fertility clinics. The 'Curious Connections' project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). 


As well as academic articles, we are producing leaflets, videos and other resources for donors, counsellors, and families. To find out about new resources, follow @morgancentre on Twitter, or send your email address to and we will add you to our email newslist for this project. 

Being an egg or sperm donor: balancing ‘being available’ and ‘knowing your place’?

How do donors balance their – sometimes conflicting – responsibilities to be open to any children born from their donation but without overstepping parental boundaries? This was a strong theme from our research, and this leaflet explores what donors think their responsibilities to recipients and donor-conceived children are, and how they put them into practice in their own lives.

Event recordings - Curious Connections: The social life of egg and sperm donation, 2 July 2020

Session 1: Research from the Curious Connections project

Session 2: How well does current donor conception law and policy fit donors' needs and perspectives? (Panel discussion) 

'Going Home' short story collection

Three fictional short stories, written by Becky Tipper, based on the experiences of women who shared their eggs as part of their own fertility treatment. You can download a PDF of the Going Home short story collection, or listen to audio recordings of all three stories below. If you have any feedback on the stories, please email