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Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives

Do genes matter?

Towards a critique of family sociology traditions and some suggestions for alternative approaches

  • Date: 9 May 2013
  • Venue: The University of Manchester
  • Speakers: Prof Karin Widerberg, Professor in Sociology, University of Oslo and Visiting Simon Professor, Morgan Centre, University of Manchester


Karin Widerberg's research, writing and teaching have focused on how to discover, explore and write the social, with a particular emphasis on Memory Work.

In this seminar she built on her Memory Work on other people's homes ('In the homes of others: exploring new sites and methods when investigating the doings of gender, class and ethnicity' Sociology, 2010, 44 (6) 1181-1196). She shows how this gave rise not only to a new research topic but also to a critique of family research traditions. She argued that using the approaches of Memory Work and Dorothy E. Smith's Institutional Ethnography can bring contemporary human challenges (global challenges) to the very heart of sociological thinking.

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