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Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives

From memory work to experience stories

For the sake of knowledge

A one-day training workshop

  • Date: 17 May 2013
  • Location: The University of Manchester
  • Speakers: Prof Karin Widerberg, Professor in Sociology, University of Oslo and Visiting Simon Professor, Morgan Centre, The University of Manchester


Karin Widerberg's research, writing and teaching have focused on how to discover, explore and write the social, with a particular emphasis on Memory Work.

Her interests include the study of gender, time, work and body and recent projects include 'The Sociality of Tiredness'.

This participative one-day training workshop will include an introduction to Memory Work, including why and how it started and how it has and can be used in social science research.

Memory Work techniques will be introduced and participants will be invited to write brief experience stories (anonymously) on a non-sensitive topic. These will be read and analysed collectively and there will be a summing up and evaluation of the approach after having put it to the test.

Suggested reading

Karin Widerberg, 'For the Sake of Knowledge: Exploring Memory-Work in Research and Teaching' (link opens in new window), Chapter 7, A. Hyle, M. Ewing, D. Montgomery & J. Kaufman (eds) (2008), Dissecting the Mundane: International Perspectives on Memory-Work, University Press of America.

Karin Widerberg, Memory Work: 'Exploring Family Life and Expanding the Scope of Family Research', Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 2011, 42 (3), pp. 329-337.

During her visit, Karin Widerberg will also be giving a seminar titled Homes instead of families? Towards a critique of family sociology traditions and some suggestions for alternative approaches on 9th May. The workshop and seminar are designed as independent events but they are complementary in their coverage and epistemology. Participants are welcome to register for one or both events.