Summer Schools

The Manchester International Law Centre plays host to numerous summer schools each year. Make sure to revisit this page in the coming months for further information on each summer school that we will be running this year.

Summer Academy on Law, Money and Technology 

The Summer Academy on Law, Money and Technology has been running for the last three years in coordination with the Association for Promotion of Political Economy and Law (APPEAL), the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, and the Finance, Law and Economics Working Group of the Institute for New Economic Thinking Young Scholars Initiative (INET YSI/FLE).

The aim of the Summer Academy is to bring together emerging and established scholars and policy makers to spend time working together. We invite colleagues from a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds to explore the interface of law, money and technology and how these dynamics relate to the future of democracy.

The Summer Academy design is experimental and fun, allowing us to practice how we listen and share with one another and how we approach problems from progressive orientations.

For more information visit the Law and Money Initiative (LaMI).