Research outputs

Over the course of this project a number of research outputs have been delivered. Below are the outputs currently available:


Single-authored monographs

The Sociology of Law and the Global Transformation of Democracy (Cambridge University Press, 2018) (Portuguese translation to be published by Contracorrente 2018)

A Sociology of Transnational Constitutions: Social Foundations of the Post-National Legal Structure (Cambridge University Press, 2016, 2018) (Chinese translation to be published by Tsinghua University Press in 2018)

Edited volumes

(with Paul Blokker) Sociological Constitutionalism (Cambridge University Press, 2017) 

Articles in books and journals

‘Constitution Making and Constitutionalism in Europe’ in Hanna Lerner and David Landau (eds), Handbook on Comparative Constitution Making (London: Edward Elgar, 2019).

‘Transnational Constitutional Law’ in Peer Zumbansen (ed), Oxford Handbook of Transnational Law (Oxford University Press, 2019) 

 ‘Legal Procedures and the Fictions of the Political’ in Tatjana Sheplyakova (ed), Proceduralization of the Law (Tübingen: Mohr-Siebeck, 2019), pp. 161-189. 

(with Maria Smirnova), ‘Litigation and Political Transformation: The Case of Russia’. Theory and Society 47(5) (2018): 559-593.

‘On Misunderstanding States: The Transnational Constitution in the National Constitution.’ International Journal of Constitutional Law (2018) 16(4): 1-13.

(with Carina Calabria et al), ‘Legal Pluralism? Indigenous Rights as Legal Constructs.’ University of Toronto Law Journal (2018) 68(3): 440-493.

‘The Citizen of Many Worlds: Societal Constitutionalism and the Antinomies of Democracy.’ Journal of Law and Society 45(4): 73-93.

(with Maria Smirnova), ‘Living Constitutionalism in Russia’ in Sean Morris (ed), Russian Discourses on International Law (Abingdon: Routledge, 2018), pp. 69-99.

‘Subjektive Rechte und Staatlichkeit‘ in Andreas Fischer-Lescano, Hannah Franzki and Johan Horst (eds), Gegenrechte: Recht jenseits des Subjekts (Tübingen: Mohr-Siebeck, 2018), pp. 53-80.

‘O Direito Internacional o Futuro da Democracia.’ (International Law and the Future of Democracy). Revista da AGU (2018) 17(1): 119-44. (Invited publication, to mark the 25th Anniversary of the foundation of Brazilian Federal Attorney’s Office).

‘Global Constitutionalism and the Enlightenment’ in Anthony Lang and Antje Wiener

(eds), Handbook on Global Constitutionalism (London: Edward Elgar, 2017), pp. 60-76.

‘The Sociology of Constitutions.’ Annual Review of Law and Social Science 2017 (13): 493-513.

(with Paul Blokker), ‘Sociological Constitutionalism: An Introduction’ in Paul Blokker and Chris Thornhill (eds), Sociological Constitutionalism (Cambridge University Press, 2017), pp. 1-32.

‘Constitutionalism between Nation States and Global Law’ in Paul Blokker and Chris

Thornhill (eds), Sociological Constitutionalism (Cambridge University Press, 2017), pp. 135-177.

‘The Rise and Fall of Corporatist Constitutionalism: A Sociological Analysis’ in António

Costa Pinto (ed), Corporatism and Fascism: The Corporatist Wave in Europe (Abingdon: Routledge, 2017), pp. 79-100.

The Foundations of International Human Rights Law: A Sociological Inquiry.’ Revista Brasileira de Sociologia do Direito 4 (2017): 6-66.

‘A Tale of Two Constitutions. Whose Legitimacy? Whose Crisis?’ in William Outhwaite (ed), Brexit: Sociological Responses (London: Anthem Press, 2017), pp. 77-89.

(with Maria Smirnova), ‘A Sociological Approach to the Russian Constitution.’ Comparative Sociology 15(6) (2016): 747-793.

‘The Global Legal System and the Procedural Construction of Constituent Power’. Global Constitutionalism 5(3) (2016): 405-442

‘The European Constitution – No longer, or never, sui generis?’ in Jiri Priban (ed), The Self-Constitutionalization of Europe (Abingdon: Routledge, 2016), pp. 13-36.

(with Maria Smirnova), ‘Роль международного права в процессе вторичной

конституционализации в России: взгляд из Великобритании’ (The Role of International Law in the Process of Secondary Constitutionalisation in Russia: A View from the UK). Журнал зарубежного законодательства и сравнительного правоведения (Journal of Foreign Legislation and Comparative Law 2016)

(with Maria Smnirnova), ‘Роль судов и международного права в процессе вторичной

конституционализации в России.’ (The Role of the Judiciary and International Law in the Process of Secondary Constitutionalisation in Russia.) Журнал российского права. № 6 (июнь) 2016. (Journal of Russian Law 6 2016). 

‘The Mutation of International Law: Thinking Sociologically about Political Constitutionalism.’ The Modern Law Review 79, no. 2(2016): 207-247.

‘The Sociological Origins of Global Constitutional Law’ in Alberto Febbrajo and Giancarlo Corsi (eds), Sociology of Constitutions: Paradoxical Perspectives (Abingdon: Routledge, 2016), pp. 99-124.

‘The Constitutionalization of Labour Law and the Crisis of National Democracy’ in Poul F.

Kjaer and Niklas Olsen (eds), Critical Theories of Crisis in Europe: From Weimar to the Euro (London: Rowman and Littlefield, 2016), pp. 89-106.

‘Corporatism and the Rise of International Law’ in Poul Kjaer and Eva Hartmann (eds),The Evolution of Intermediary Institutions in Europe (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2015), pp. 217-139.

‘Legal Revolutions and the Sociology of Law’, Social & Legal Studies (2014) 23(4): 491-516.

‘Rights and Constituent Power in the Global Constitution’, in International Journal of Law in Context 10(3) (2014): 357-396.

Public lectures and presentations

’The Citizen of the Global Constitution’, Conference on Global Constitutionalism, Radzyner Law School, Herzliya Interdisciplinary Centre, Tel Aviv (June 2017)

’Staatlichkeit und subjektive Rechte’, at Conference ‘Zur Kritik der subjektiven Rechte’, University of Bremen (February 2017)

’National Law or Transnational Law: Which Came First?’, University of Aarhus (December 2016).

’On Misunderstanding States’, Law and Polity Introductory Conference, University of Edinburgh (December 2016).

‘The Sociology of Law and the Transformation of Democracy’, Max Planck Institute for European Legal History (November 2016)

’The Global Political System and the Global Constitution’, Unisinos, Sao Leopoldo (October 2016) (Open Lecture to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of Unisinos Law School).

Intensive Doctoral Course (6 Lectures), on ‘The Rise of the Global Legal System’, University of Brasilia (October 2016).

’Legal Sociology and New Patterns of Democracy’, at Externally Funded Conference focused on research in the project, with title ‘Post-Colonial Perspectives on Sovereignty and Constitutionalism’, University of Cardiff (June 2016)

(with Maria Smirnova), ’Sociological Approaches to Russian Constitutional Law’, at Conference with title ‘Administrative Procedures: Comparative Aspects’, Omsk Law Academy (Omsk, Russia) (May 2016)

‘Developments in Constitutional Law: Between National and Global Norm Formation’,

Invited plenary lecture to mark the 40th Anniversary of Portuguese Constitution, ISCTE (Lisbon) (May 2016) 

’Developments in Constitutional Law: Between National and Global Norms’, Public Law Seminar, University of Oxford (May 2016)

(with Maria Smirnova) ‘Use of Socio-Legal Methods in Research on Russian Law’, Faculty of Law, Moscow School of Economics (April 2016).

‘International law in Domestic Courts: Sociological Perspectives ’, Key-note lecture at Blishenko Conference, Main Russian International Law Conference, Peoples' Friendship University, Moscow (April 2016)

(with Maria Smirnova), ‘Legal Accountability and Political Accountability of the State to Citizens’, Department of International Law, Peoples’ Friendship University, Moscow (December 2015)

’Transnational Law and the Procedural Construction of Constituent Power’, at Conference on ‘Proceduralisation of the Law’, University of Frankfurt am Main (December 2015)

’The Formation of a Post-national Legal Structure’, Universidad de los Andes (Bogota) (August 2015)

’Fundamental Rights and Constituent Power in Global Constitutionalism’, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogota) (August 2015).

’Toward a Sociology of International Human Rights Law’, University of Lisbon (April 2015)

5 PhD Masterclasses on ’New Directions in the Sociology of Law’, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Santiago de Chile (April 2015)

’Individual rights in international law: A Sociological Inquiry’, at Conference on ’International Jurisprudence’, University of Copenhagen (December 2014)

‘The Constitutionalization of Labour Law and the Failure of National Democracy’, at Conference on ‘European Crises from Weimar until Today’, Copenhagen Business School (December 2014).

’The Hidden Hierarchy of Governance’, University of Bielefeld (November 2014)

’Transnational Law and the Origins of the Nation State’, University of Bremen (October 2014)

’The Sociology of Constitutional Rights – Are Religious Rights Different?’, University of Bielefeld (October 2014)

’National Sovereignty and Transnational Law Revisited’, Guest lecture at Tribunal Regional Federal da 4ª Região (TRF4) in Porto Alegre, Brazil (Supreme Court for South Brazil) (August 2014)

‘Sociological Constitutionalism 2: Contemporary Perspectives’, Unisinos, São Leopoldo, Brazil (August 2014)

‘Sociological Constitutionalism 1: Historical Foundations’, Unisinos, São Leopoldo, Brazil (August 2014)

‘Human Rights and the Global Political System’, Universidade Regional Integrada, Santo Angelo, Brazil (August 2014)

’Mutations of International Law: Thinking Sociologically about Political Constitutionalism’, Modern Law Review Conference on ‘Constitutionalism(s)’, Warwick University (June 2014)

‘The Sociological Origins of Global Law’, Inaugurating lecture to open Research Centre for Law and Society in Global Context, Queen Mary, University of London (April 2014).

‘The Crisis of Corporatism and the Rise of International Law’, at Conference on the Transformation of Corporatism, Copenhagen Business School (January 2014)