The projects below represent a recent selection of the work of staff members within MILC.

Deformalised Global Governance: Mapping Institutional Practices and Legal Implications

The project is seed funded to examine the increasing informality of global governance structures and establish a critical theoretical framework and meaningful knowledge base with which to engage with deformalized processes, practices, and institutions. After 20 years of steady growth, informality reached a watershed moment with the creation of the ‘Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator’.

This pop-up framework, reflecting a new pinnacle in the turn to public-private global regulation, is a major turn away from highly formalised legalistic practices of international cooperation (Lythgoe 2021). With this trend towards informality almost guaranteed to continue, the stakes of understanding its implications are higher than ever.

Securing the Future of UK Trade: Trade Skills Audit

A survey of over 400 UK and international trade leaders, undertaken by EY (the global organisation of member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited) ‘Can business trade tomorrow on todays strategies?’, identified that businesses feel under-equipped in several key areas to address the complex and rapidly evolving international trade environment. 

Funded by ESRC IAA, this project will undertake a UK Trade Skills Audit to gather data on current training provision, identify skills and training gaps, and make recommendations to Parliament, Government, and businesses in the UK on how to develop a robust, dynamic, and future-proof trade sector.