Wen Yi Cao


Why did you choose this course at The University of Manchester Law School?

EU student Wen Yi Cao
EU student Wen Yi Cao moved to Manchester from Hungary to study Law.

My name is Wen Yi Cao, I'm from a Chinese background but I was born and raised in Hungary. I started my course in 2016 and I'm currently studying as a LLB Law student.

I chose The University of Manchester Law School because of its reputation worldwide and as the biggest university in the UK; it offers a great range of support and resources for students and lots of society activities!

What do you most enjoy about studying here? 

The most enjoyable experience studying at Manchester is meeting people! The University provides you opportunities to connect students with people in the legal profession.

I gained so much experience by attending different workshops and presentations given by professionals. It prepares me for the legal profession in terms of developing my transferable skills.

What has been the highlight of your course so far?

As part of my course, I'm going on an exchange for one semester in January 2018 to the University of Hong Kong.

It's a rare opportunity for me to experience a totally different culture while paying the same amount of tuition fees! It also adds onto my CV, as law firms are really looking for international profiles!

Have you been involved in any of the Law School's societies and events?

I am the President of the Society of Current Affairs and Commercial Awareness and the Lead Ambassador of Aspiring Solicitors.

I also volunteered at the University Legal Advice Centre as a receptionist and student advisor. I've attended many of the workshops organised by the employability team.

As I mentioned, there are lots of opportunities to boost your CV and to develop crucial skills!

What are your plans after graduation, and how do you feel studying at Manchester has prepared you?

I want to become a Commercial lawyer and work for an international law firm. In order to reach this goal, it was important to develop my Commercial Awareness and transferable skills by getting involved in various activities.

The Law school has a range of societies you can choose to join and organizes workshops and presentations to point you to the right direction.

As a first generation to go to university I did not know anything in terms of what I should do to become a solicitor. But going to these events and engaging in society, I am well informed and I know what I need to do to reach my goal.

What advice would you give to new Law students at Manchester?

Be an active member of the Law School. Go to as many events as you can. Engage with a society and not just participate.

Ask for help from your academic advisor whenever you need it. Make friends and enjoy your course!