Hannah Farrington


Hannah Farrington - Law student
Hannah Farrington (UK) was keen to stay in the North West for her studies.

Why did you choose this course?

My home isn’t too far from Manchester and I wanted to stay in the north – from the universities and cities I looked at Manchester was by far my favourite, both in terms of what the university and the city itself had to offer.

What do you most enjoy about studying here?

I like the level of independence afforded to students, yet staff are still readily available if needed. Manchester as a city is a great place to study too. It has such a huge student community and really excellent and varied nightlife, as well as really easy access to London and other UK cities for when you have time off.

What has been the highlight of your course so far?

I think that my improvement over the three years has been a great achievement; I’ve learnt how to manage my time a lot better and my exam technique has gone from non-existent to quite successful. I’ve also managed to run and expand my blog alongside my studies, which I’m proud of.

Have you been involved in any societies and events?

The law school has an excellent society, the Manchester University Law Society (MULS), and I’ve attended many of their social and networking events.

What are your plans after graduation? How do you feel studying at Manchester has prepared you for this?

I’m going to be moving to London (as sad as I am to leave Manchester) and writing my blog, hannahlouisef.com, full time.

What advice would you give to new Law students at Manchester?

Work hard but make sure you have a good work/life balance; a law degree is hard but completely manageable if you’re sensible about it.