Amaris Salsabila Malik Bawazier

Law LLB (Hons)

Why did you choose this course at The University of Manchester Law School?

Amaris Salsabila Malik Bawazier
Amaris Salsabila Malik Bawazier has moved over from Indonesia to study Law at The University of Manchester.

I chose this course in Manchester’s Law School because the school is very well known for its prestigious courses, the Law School offers a wide range of subjects to choose from which was very appealing to me.

I particularly chose Manchester because I wanted a city and metropolitan lifestyle, and Manchester fits perfectly. 

What do you most enjoy about studying here?

I love that all the students in Manchester’s Law School are very driven and determined. As they are very ambitious in nature, this makes me want to be a better student. Everyone is very supportive and this trait is rare one to find.

What has been the highlight of your course so far? 

The highlight of my course so far has been the experiences that the Law School holds, such as the Mooting Competitions. I’ve never mooted before in my life and the staff in the Mooting Society was very supportive. Having experienced events such as this, meeting more new people, shows the very ambitious nature of the law students, which I love.

Have you been involved in any of the Law societies or events?

Yes. I attended the MULS Champagne and Chocolates event, and the Law Ball last year. 

What are your plans after graduation, and how do you feel studying at Manchester has prepared you? 

After graduation I would really like to study a Master’s degree. Studying at Manchester prepared me in terms of academic writing and social skills. 

What advice would you give to new Law students at Manchester? 

Socialise as much as possible during your first year! You’ll be happy you did! Make friends along the way too, let’s hope they're keepers!