Aisha Bakhtiar

Law with Politics LLB

Why did you choose this course at The University of Manchester Law School?

Aisha Bakhtiar
Aisha Bakhtiar came over from Brunei to study Law with Politics at The University of Manchester.

I have always had a curiosity in Law so, while still in sixth form in Brunei, I completed an attachment with a local law firm with a division specialised in litigation, and with the Attorney General’s Intellectual Property Office, where I learnt about the business-side of Law.

Ultimately, these experiences showed me the importance of Law as the fundamental base on which society operates, as it encapsulates all aspects of everyday life, from social factors to politics or economics. Also, politics and international relations are topics that have always interested me as I enjoyed studying history and English literature at A Levels. So, choosing to study at The University of Manchester (which not only is a great university in a great city, but also offered a course that combined the two subjects) was an easy choice for me to make.

What do you most enjoy about studying here?

I enjoy that there are so many opportunities to meet new people and make friends from all over the world, which is something that is usually rare in a small country like Brunei. The great diversity of people in The University of Manchester, and from Manchester itself has made me more appreciative and respectful of different people and cultures.

What has been the highlight of your course so far?

I think the highlight of my course so far is somehow managing to fight through and survive the first year exams and assessments (with good grades!) – All the hard work really does pay off and the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.

Have you been involved in any of the Law School's societies and events?

I've been in The University of Manchester's Law Society since my first year. This year I have joined the main mooting competitions, and have been appointed the Law School Student Ambassador for 2017-18.

What are your plans after graduation, and how do you feel studying at Manchester has prepared you? 

I'm most likely going to do a training contract for a year before doing my Bar. The University and the Law School in particular offers really helpful sessions on preparing life for after your degree (CV Clinics, employability sessions, etc).

What advice would you give to new students at the Law School?

My advice to all new students is to have fun, make the most of your time in university, make new friends and join societies, sports, etc. The next three years will be the time for you to really develop your character so take advantage of all the opportunities that will definitely come your way. And of course, do well in classes!