Nancy Evans

Healthcare Ethics and Law LLM

Why did you choose this course at The University of Manchester Law School?

Nancy Evans
"My student experience was overwhelmingly positive"

During my undergraduate degree in Law at The University of ManchesterI studied a number of healthcare law courses so I already knew that I enjoyed the subject. I also knew that I would have many of the same lecturers and I knew that I enjoyed their style of teaching, which was an important factor in my decision. The fact that the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy (CSEP) is one of the leading providers of the Healthcare Ethics and Law course was another big attraction. 

What were the highlights of your course? 

The CSEP holds regular ‘senior seminar events, where guest lecturers visit the university and deliver talks on a linked topic. This was a great way of broadening our horizons and allowing us to interact with experts. One of the guest lecturers was an academic that I had admired for a long time, so it was a wonderful experience to hear her speak about her research in person. 

What were the most challenging parts of the course?

The most challenging part of the course is learning how to balance my time effectively, particularly for the dissertation. I discovered that it was important for me to have a good time plan to help me keep track of my progress. If I fell behind, I was able to readjust my priorities to get my work finished on time.  

Did you undertake any additional projects/initiatives as part of your course? 

During my course, I became a UniBuddy ambassador. The UniBuddy platform allows prospective students to talk with current students online. I enjoyed being able to answer the questions that the prospective students asked by sharing my own experiences. The platform also has a blog for ambassadors, which was a fun way of sharing my advice for prospective students.  

How would you describe your student experience? 

My student experience was overwhelmingly positive; I made friends with other students that I wouldn’t normally come into contact with (medical students), my lecturers were incredibly supportive throughout my time on the course, and I developed skills that will help me to further my career and future prospects 

What is the best thing about living and studying in the city of Manchester? 

The best thing about studying in the city of Manchester is the community spirit. Everyone is happy to help each other out and it I found that it created a positive atmosphere where I felt supported to achieve my potential.  

What kind of accommodation did you live in?  

During my postgraduate degree, I lived at home with my parents in a town outside of the city centre. The journey to university took around an hour on public transport, which I actually quite enjoyed as it gave me some quiet time to read my textbooks away from the distractions of home. Living at home was also beneficial when it came to my coursework deadlines, as my family would take some pressure off me by making me cups of tea and bringing me snacks throughout the day.  

Do you have any tips for future students? 

I would recommend making the most of your time as a postgraduate student as the time absolutely flies by! Getting involved in extra-curricular activities and taking advantage of opportunities that come your way are great ways of getting the most out of your university experience. Also, make sure that you familiarise yourself with the library and online library tools as these quickly become invaluable once you start the main content of the course.  

What have you gone on to do since graduating?

I graduated in December 2020 and I am currently working at The University of Manchester in the Policy@Manchester team. I found out about the vacancy through Manchester Graduate Talent and I applied through the University’s careers portal, Careers Connect.  

Once I finish this role, I think that my degree and my time at The University of Manchester will help me to stand out because I have gained so many skills and abilities during my time here because of experiences that are unique to the University.