Ibrahim Olabi

Security and International Law LLM

Ibrahim Olabi - student at The University of Manchester Law School.
Ibrahim Olabi (Germany/ Syria) took a punt at a brand new course and wasn't disappointed with the quality of teaching and range of options.

Why did you choose this course?

Having completed my LLB in Manchester, I knew that I was not ready to let go of the high quality education offered here.

During my LLB, the University offered me unconditional support and acknowledgment, including awarding me The University of Manchester Undergraduate of the Year.

I was nominated by the Law School and it felt right to stay on for the master’s.

What do you most enjoy about studying here?

The opportunity presented to students of this University is without limits. This includes the experienced and prestigious teaching staff, the resources available, the diversity of students and the support offered by Law.

What has been the highlight of your course so far?

I took a risk by choosing a completely new course, but it paid off and I certainly don’t regret it, thanks to the way it was structured by the lecturers.

Uniquely, this course equips you with the foundations of international law and then gives you ultimate flexibility to pursue the units that match your career ambitions.

I also treasured the fact that I’m able to integrate what I learn into the legal work I do alongside my degree. Everything went hand in hand beautifully.

Have you been involved in any societies and events?

Given my commitments of juggling full-time education and running an organisation operating in a war zone, I was unable to get as involved as much as I wanted to. However when the President of the Law Society, Claire Newman, was aware of my work she most kindly put me in contact with the University’s Media office, which resulted in raising the profile of my human rights work.

What are your plans after graduation? How do you feel studying at Manchester has prepared you for this?

Studying in Manchester enabled me to start my own organisation which promotes the rule of law and human rights during my third year. This start-up is now operating in three countries, working with the UN, collaborating with universities and, most importantly, making a change. I plan to continue working in the field of international law and policy once I graduate from my master’s degree.

What advice would you give to new Law students at Manchester?

There is really no limit to what you can achieve at university. It is a great umbrella that provides you with academic and expert support to realise your ambitions. Make sure to build strong links with your professors. If you feel passionate about an area of law, explore it. Start initiatives with your fellow students who have similar interests, and stand out from the crowd. Your degree will be over in a blink. Make the most of it!