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Teaching and research staff

Carolyn Abbot

Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: environmental regulation, regulatory enforcement tools and practices, public participation, access to justice.

Neil Allen
Senior Lecturer (Law)

Research specialisms: mental health and incapacity law, Court of Protection, advocacy.

Eleanor Aspey
Lecturer in Law

Research specialisms: EU public procurement law, utilities procurement, inclusion of social and environmental policies in procurement.

Vincenzo Bavoso
Lecturer in Commercial Law

Research specialisms: corporate law, corporate governance, structured finance, financial regulation.

Becki Bennett
Professor of Bioethics

Research specialisms: diverse issues in bioethics.

Iain Brassington
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: bioethics, medical ethics, medical law, jurisprudence.

Nicolette Butler
Lecturer in Commercial Law

Research specialisms: international economic law, international commercial arbitration, trade and investment policy, investment and human rights.

Neil Cobb
Senior Lecturer in Law

Research specialisms: criminal law, law, gender and sexuality, land law.

Alan Cunningham
Lecturer in Law

Research specialisms: law and IT, Intellectual Property (IP) law, copyright law, law and contemporary art, law and appropriation.

Margaret Cunningham
Lecturer in Law

Jean d’Aspremont
Chair in Public International Law

Research specialisms: statehood, sources of international law, state responsibility, the law of international organizations, international dispute settlement, the law of armed conflicts.

Gail Davidge
Research Associate

Sarah Devaney
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: regulation of emerging biotechnologies, regulation of professionals, regulation in the food supply chain.

Elaine Dewhurst
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: employment law, european law, human rights law, immigration law.

Dimitrios Doukas
Reader in EU Law

Research specialisms: European Union law, EU internal market and economic law, EU media and entertainment law, European and comparative public law.

Philip Drake
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: clinical law, legal ethics and social responsibility, accessory liability in equity for assistance in a breach of trust.

Michael Galanis
Senior Lecturer in Company Law

Research specialisms: company law, corporate governance, securities regulation, law and economics.

Javier Garcia Oliva
Senior Lecturer in Company Law

Research specialisms: law and religion/constitutional law, devolution, tribunals.

Fae Garland
Senior Lecturer in Socio-Legal Studies

Research specialisms: socio-legal studies, feminist legal theory, intersex rights and law, family law and gender studies.

Simona Giordano

Research specialisms: psychiatric ethics, bioethics eating disorders, gender identity.

Nicola Glover-Thomas
Professor of Law

Research specialisms: medical law, mental health law, private law, pharmaceuticals and law.

Ruby Hammer
Senior Lecturer in Law

Research specialisms: employers' liability and vicarious liability, legal education and pedagogy.

Yong Han
Lecturer in Commercial Law

Phil Handler
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: criminal law, legal history.

John Haskell
Academic (Teaching and Research) Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: sociology of expertise and idea production of governance across a number of regulatory/industry regimes.

Soren Holm
Professor of Bioethics

Research specialisms: health care ethics, bioethics, philosophy of medicine, intersection between bioethics and law.

Geraint Howells

Research specialisms: consumer law, product liability, European private law and e-commerce.

Caroline Hoyle
Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship)

Research specialisms: criminal and healthcare law.

Kirsty Keywood
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: medical law, gender and law, mental health law.

Aristea Koukiadaki

Senior Lecturer / Honorary Research Fellow

Research specialisms: empirical study of law, applied legal and policy analysis, labour regulation, corporate governance, EU social policy.

Sophia Kunuka
Research Associate

Ruth Lamont
Senior Lecturer in Family and Child Law

Research specialisms: law relating to the family and children.

Harriet Lipkin
Senior Lecturer (T&S) in Property Law

Research specialisms: land law, professional legal skills and mediation.

Liza Lovdahl Gormsen
Senior Lecturer in Law

Research specialisms: European competition law, US anti-trust law, European and UK company law.

Gary Lynch-Wood
Senior Lecturer in Corporate Governance

Research specialisms: rule-following and the impact on regulatory compliance and culture, age discrimination, corporate social responsibility.

Claire Mcgourlay
Professor in Legal Education

Research specialisms: public law, civil law and criminal law.

Alexandra Mullock
Lecturer in Medical Law

Research specialisms: end-of-life law, the legitimacy of ethically contentious medical interventions, regulation of health care professionals via the criminal law, law and ethics of cosmetic surgery.

Shavanna Musa
Lecturer in International Law, Security and Human Rights

Research specialisms: governance, security law and policy, risk management, human rights.

Yenkong Ngangjoh Hodu
Professor in Law

Research specialisms: theories and practice of international trade law, public international law, intellectual property rights law, investment law, international development law.

Annette Nordhausen Scholes
Lecturer In Law

Research specialisms: consumer law, internet law, commercial law, financial services law, private international law, European private law, European contract law.

Amanda Odell-West
Lecturer in Law

Research specialisms: the legal protection of emerging health (including assisted reproductive) technologies, comparative patent law.

Geoff Pearson
Senior Lecturer in Law

Research specialisms: policing, human rights, sports law, crowd behaviour and management, football ‘hooliganism’, ethnography.

John Pearson
Lecturer in Law

Research specialism: protection of the environment using human rights law and the land rights of indigenous people.

Iain Scobbie
Chair in International Law

Research specialisms: public international law, law, human rights, and peace building in the Middle East.

Graham Smith
Senior Lecturer in Law

Research specialisms: police misconduct and legal remedies, police accountability, combating impunity for human rights abuse.

Catherine Stanton
Lecturer in Medical Law and Bioethics

Research specialisms: healthcare and criminal law, legal and ethical issues relating to the use of genetic information within the family.

Jasem Tarawneh
Lecturer in IP and Commercial Law

Research specialisms: Intellectual Property (IP) rights and trademarks, arbitration, company law.

Robert Thomas
Professor of Public Law

Research specialisms: administrative justice and rule-making, law and public policy implementation, administrative accountability, asylum and immigration law.

Emily Turner
Research Associate

Chris Thornhill
Professor in Law

Research specialisms: sociology of law, comparative constitutional law, law and social theory, legal history.

Gillian Ulph
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: equity and trusts, land law, property law, legal skills, legal education.

Fotis Vergis

Research specialisms: labour law theory and collective labour law, EU law, and constitutional theory.

Fintan Walker
Lecturer in Clinical Legal Education

Bruce Wardhaugh
Senior Lecturer in Law

Research specialisms: competition law (in particular EU and US), WTO law and law and economics.

Xiyan Yang
Sponsored Researcher

Emeritus Professors

John Birds
Emeritus Professor

Margot Brazier
Emeritus Professor 

Norman Geras
Emeritus Professor

Thomas Gibbons
Emeritus Professor

Neville Harris
Emeritus Professor of Law

Anthony Ogus
Emeritus Professor of Law

Howard Parker
Emeritus Professor

Asif Qureshi
Emeritus Professor

Frank Stephen
Emeritus Professor of Regulation

Honorary staff

Gillian Brailley
Honorary Lecturer (Teaching & Research)

Sarah-Jane Brown
Honorary Research Fellow

Hazel Carty
Honorary Reader

Nicola Chadwick
Honorary Lecturer

Kathryn Downs
Honorary Lecturer (Teaching & Research)

Alistair Maiden
Honorary Professor 

Nogar Ofer
Honorary Research Fellow 

Tunde Okewale
Honorary Lecturer (Teaching and Research)

Malcolm Oswald
Honorary Research Fellow

Elena Pineros
Honorary Research Fellow

Maria Smirnova
Honorary Research Fellow

Mary Vogel
Honorary Professor

David Williamson 
Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Departmental Administrator

Hannah Mooney