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Growth and Business Cycle Research Group



The workshop meets on Tuesdays, 4.15pm - 5.45pm, in Room G030/31 in the Arthur Lewis Building.

2015/16 workshops

Semester 2 

King Yoong Lim (University of Manchester)
16 February
Title: TBA

Ivan Petrella (Bank of England)
22 February
Title: TBA

Pontus Rendhal (Cambridge University)
29 February
Title: TBA

Jagjit Chadha (University of Kent)
8 March
Title: TBA

Semester 1

Roberto Pancrazi (University of Warwick)
29 September 2015
Title: The Inequality Accelerator

Cristiano Cantore (University of Surrey)
06 October 2015
Title: Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Debt Crisis and Management

Tad Gwiazdowski (University of Manchester)
13 October
Title: Recovery from deep recession: lessons from Interwar Britain

Pengfei Jia (University of Manchester)
20 October
Title: Capital Controls and Welfare with Cross-Border Bank Capital Flows

Richard Dennis (University of Glasgow)
27 October
Title: Durations at the Zero Lower Bound

Paul Beaudry (University of British Columbia)
24 November
Title: Reviving the Limit Cycle View of Macroeconomic Fluctuations