Marie Kaul

BAEcon Economics

Why did you choose to study your course?

Marie Kaul
"Many of my teachers were incredibly passionate about what they do and great at communicating even the most complicated concepts"

I started out on the BA Economics and Politics course because I had a strong interest in politics but was interested in pursuing an interdisciplinary course. After my first year I decided to focus solely on economics. What I love about economics is that it tries to answer important questions in the social sciences using a quantitative approach.  

What were the course highlights?

The highlight of my course was a module on Mathematical Economics taught by Chris Wallace. It was the first time I truly understood the mathematics underlying some of the most important results in economics and it thus gave me a whole new understanding to the discipline as such.  

What was the most challenging part of your course?

The Mathematical Economics module taught by Chris Wallace.   

Did you undertake any additional projects/initiatives as part of your course? 

During my time in Manchester I was first a member and later the president of the Diversifying Economics Network. We built the society from the ground up and had many interesting and engaging events all around what diversity means and how we can make the economics profession more inclusive. It was a great experience working both with other students and people in the department. 

How would you describe your student experience?

I had a great time in Manchester and on my course. Many of my teachers were incredibly passionate about what they do and great at communicating even the most complicated concepts which made for a great experience. At the same time, UoM offers many avenues to engage with other students through societies and social events.  

As an international student, what did you think of Manchester? 

I am originally from Germany and it was great to see the diverse student community at The University of Manchester. I met people from all over the world, and learned a lot about England and English culture.  

I believe Manchester is a great place for students. There is a big student community and the city definitely caters to it with a wide array of restaurants, pubs, and my absolute favourite: incredible breakfast places!

What kind of accommodation did you live in?  

During my first year I lived in student accommodation and I was fortunate enough to be paired with an incredible group of people that I would end up living with for the next three years of my life. Student accommodation is a great way to meet new people from other disciplines – and in my case – make incredible friends. 

Do you have any tips for prospective students?

The most important advice I can give is to go out and get involved! Talk to your professors and tutors, they are there to help you understand the material and can give you guidance beyond just their specific subject. Go to events and talk to people! It is hard for everyone to meet new people, but I can promise that everyone feels this way – it just takes one person to make the first step and connect. Lastly, try and make friends outside your course. It will allow you to learn some new things but also meet people with completely different interests and takes on the world.