David Hoffmann

BAEcon Development Studies

Why did you choose to study your course?

David Hoffmann
"With certainty I can say that my internships are the centre piece of my employability."

I was looking for a way to combine development studies and economics in my undergrad and Manchester offered exactly that in a department with a great reputation for development related research. Furthermore I wanted to study in a big city, where the university campus would be integrated within that city.

What were your main considerations when choosing to study at The University of Manchester?

The reputation of the department/school as well as the freedom I would have to shape my degree according to my interests whilst still acquiring good foundational knowledge in the main subjects. Furthermore, I was looking for a university with a highly international character.

Have you undertaken any placements or internships during your degree?

Yes, I did a two months internship with “Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF Luxembourg)” after first year, where I worked directly with their director on his international responsibilities. I’ve also worked as an external research analyst for Caritas Luxembourg, carrying out a survey on social cohesion and evaluating its results. With certainty I can say that my internships are the centre piece of my employability.

What area of your subject are you specifically interested in?

I’m interested in development and humanitarian action in the context of protracted crises and how economic thinking and empirical analysis can address current challenges in that field.   

How would you describe your student experience so far?

Very exciting! I learned things that I never expected would be part of my degree and outside of it I was able to pursue anything that I wanted to. Furthermore, I have been fortunate to find many great friends living and studying in Manchester.

Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?

I’ve been intensely involved with the Music Society as a jazz drummer. I’ve also been part of the Climbing and Mountaineering Society, where I competed back in first year. I managed to find an internationally touring jazz quartet out of musicians from The University of Manchester, so I can only recommend to get involved with things that you’re passionate about. 

What are your plans for life after graduation?

I’m going to do a master’s and hopefully after that start working in the NGO or public sector. The fact that I can tailor the course to eet the needs of my future career makes it extremely valuable. Combined with my professional experience, I do think that this course opens many doors.