Research highlights 2018

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The Effects of Banning Advertising in Junk Food Markets

Pierre Dubois, Rachel Griffith, Martin O'Connell
The Review of Economic Studies, 85(1): 396-436, January 2018

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The Asymptotic Properties of GMM and Indirect Inference Under Second-Order Identification

Prosper Dovonon, Alastair R Hall
Journal of Econometrics, 205(1): 76-111, July 2018

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Income Effects and the Welfare Consequences of Tax in Differentiated Product Oligopoly

Rachel Griffith, Lars Nesheim, Martin O'Connell
Quantitative Economics, 9(1): 305-341, March 2018

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Information Use and Acquisition in Price-Setting Oligopolies

David P Myatt, Chris Wallace
The Economic Journal, 128(609): 845-886, March 2018

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Taxes, Informality and Income Shifting: Evidence from a Recent Pakistani Tax Reform

Mazhar Waseem
Journal of Public Economics, 157: 41-77, January 2018

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Why Do Retailers Advertise Store Brands Differently Across Product Categories?

Rachel Griffith, Michal Krol, Kate Smith
The Journal of Industrial Economics, 66(3): 519-569, September 2018

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A Poor Means Test? Econometric Targeting in Africa

Caitlin Brown, Martin Ravallion, Dominique van de Walle
Journal of Development Economics, 134: 109-124, September 2018

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An Asymptotic Analysis of Strategic Behavior for Exchange Economies

Leonidas C Koutsougeras, Claudia Meo
Economic Theory, 66(2): 301-325, August 2018

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Dynamic Analysis of Discontinuous Best Response with Innovation

Fabio Lamantia, Mario Pezzino, Fabio Tramontana
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 91: 120-133, June 2018

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A New Look at the Classical Bertrand Duopoly

Rabah Amir, Igor V Evstigneev
Games and Economic Behavior, 109: 99-103, May 2018

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Equilibrium Selection in Sequential Games with Imperfect Information

Jon X Eguia, Aniol Llorente-Saguer, Rebecca Morton, Antonio Nicolò
Games and Economic Behavior, 109: 465-483, May 2018

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Reconstruction of Money Supply Over the Long Run: The Case of England, 1270–1870

Nuno Palma
Economic History Review, 71(2): 373-392, May 2018

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Getting a Healthy Start: The Effectiveness of Targeted Benefits for Improving Dietary Choices

Rachel Griffith, Stephanie von Hinke, Sarah Smith
Journal of Health Economics, 58: 176-187, March 2018

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