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Number: EDP-1501 
Wonki Jo Cho, Alejandro Saporiti
Incentives, Fairness, and Efficiency in Group Identification (PDF, 271KB)

Number: EDP-1502
Hüseyin Sen, Ayse Kaya, Baris Alpaslan
Education, Health, and Economic Growth Nexus: A Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Analysis for Developing Countries (PDF, 889KB)

Number: EDP-1503
Craig S. Webb
Piecewise Additivity for Nonexpected Utility (PDF, 382KB)

Number: EDP-1504
Alastair R. Hall, Denise R. Osborn, Nikolaos Sakkas
The Asymptotic Behaviour of the Residual Sum of Squares in Models with Multiple Break Points (PDF, 338KB)

Number: EDP-1505
Prosper Donovon, Alastair R. Hall
GMM and Indirect Inference: An appraisal of their connections and new results on their properties under second order identification (PDF, 484KB)

Number: EDP-1506
Diane Coyle
Talking about the National Accounts: Statistics and the Democratic Conversation (PDF, 836KB)

Number: EDP-1507
Jan Palczewski, Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppé, Tongya Wang
Itchy Feet vs Cool Heads: Flow of Funds in an Agent-based Financial Market (PDF, 654KB)

Number: EDP-1508
Eduardo Fé and Mario Pezzino
On The Local Causal Effects of Retirement on Human Capital (PDF ,811KB)

Number: EDP-1509
Ralf Becker and Maggy Fostier
Evaluating non-compulsory educational interventions - the case of peer assisted study groups (PDF, 958KB)