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Number: EDP-1301 
Alejandro Saporiti
Power Sharing and Electoral Equilibrium (PDF, 277KB)

Number: EDP-1302 
Abdilahi Ali, Katsushi S. Imai
Crises, Economic Integration and Growth Collapses in African Countries (PDF, 736KB)

Number: EDP-1303
Prasenjit Banerjee, Jason F. Shogren
Climate Change: Risk, Reputation, and Mechanism Design (PDF, 555KB)

Number: EDP-1304
Paul Madden, Mario Pezzino
Sports League Quality, Broadcaster TV Rights Bids and Wholesale Regulation of Sports Channels (PDF, 295KB)

Number: EDP-1305
Jinrui Pan, Craig Webb, Horst Zank
Discounting the Subjective Present and Future (PDF, 481KB)

Number: EDP-1306
Luciano De Castro, Nicholas C. Yannelis
An Interpretation of Ellsberg’s Paradox Based on Information and Incompleteness (PDF, 223KB)

Number: EDP-1307
Wei He, Nicholas C. Yannelis
Equilibrium Theory under Ambiguity (PDF, 473KB)

Number: EDP-1308
Abdilahi Ali, Baris Alpaslan
Do Migrant Remittances Complement Domestic Investment? New Evidence from Panel Cointegration (PDF, 357KB)

Number: EDP-1309
Mika Kortelainen, Jibonayan Raychaudhuri, Beatrice Roussillon (PDF, 436KB)
Effects of Carbon Reduction Labels: Evidence From Scanner Data

Number: EDP-1310
Prasenjit Banerjee, Jason F. Shogren
Bidding Behavior given Point and Interval Values in a Second-price Auction (PDF, 766KB )

Number: EDP-1311
Martin Leroch, Carlo Reggiani, Gianpaolo Rossini, Eugenio Zucchelli
Religious attitudes and home bias: theory and new evidence from primary data (PDF, 1,462KB)

Number: EDP-1312
Kritika Mathur, Nidhi Kaicker, Raghav Gaiha, Katsushi Imai, Ganesh Thapa
Financialisation of Food Commodity Markets, Price Surge and Volatility: New Evidence (PDF, 1,279KB )

Number: EDP-1313
Stefan Lutz
R&D, IP, and firm profits in the automotive supplier industry (PDF, 144KB)

Number: EDP-1314
Wonki Jo Cho
Impossibility Results for Parametrized Notions of Efficiency and Strategyproofness in Exchange Economies (PDF, 572KB)

Number: EDP-1315
Nicky Grant
Identification Robust Inference with Singular Variance (PDF, 412KB)

Number: EDP-1316
Luciano I. de Castro, Marialaura Pesce, Nicholas C. Yannelis
A New Perspective on Rational Expectations (PDF, 622KB)

Number: EDP-1317
Wei He, Nicholas C. Yannelis
Equilibrium Theory under Ambiguity (PDF, 531KB)

Number: EDP-1318
Wei He, Nicholas C. Yannelis
On Discontinuous Games with Asymmetric Information (PDF, 400KB )

Number: EDP-1319
Zhiwei Liu, Nicholas C. Yannelis
Implementation under ambiguity: the maximin core (PDF, 662KB)

Number: EDP-1320
Wenya Cheng, John Morrow, Kitjawat Tacharoen
Productivity As If Space Mattered: An Application to Factor Markets Across China (PDF, 2579KB)

Number: EDP-1321
Natina Yaduma, Mika Kortelainen, Ada Wossink
An Investigation of Oil Curse in OECD and Non-OECD Oil Exporting Economies Using Green Measures of Income (PDF, 318KB)

Number: EDP-1322
Natina Yaduma, Mika Kortelainen, Ada Wossink
The Environmental Kuznets Curve at Different Levels of Economic Development: A Counterfactual Quantile Regression Analysis for CO2 Emissions (PDF, 693KB)

Number: EDP-1323
Timothy J. Considine, Edward J. M. Manderson
The Cost of Solar-Centric Renewable Portfolio Standards (PDF, 1,002KB)

Number: EDP-1324
Ulrich Schmidt, Horst Zank
Chance Theory: A Separation of Riskless and Risky Utility (PDF, 346KB)

Number: EDP-1325
Peter Backus, Alejandro Esteller-Moré
What drives demand for redistribution? An empirical analysis of other-regarding and self-insurance motives (PDF, 401KB )

Number: EDP-1326
Alastair R. Hall, Yuyi Li, Chris D. Orme, Arthur Sinko
Testing for Structural Instability in Moment Restriction Models: an Info-metric Approach (PDF, 1361KB )

Number: EDP-1327
Laurence Roope, Simon Peters
Intertemporal poverty in Great Britain (PDF, 654KN)

Number: EDP-1328
Alastair R. Hall, Denise R. Osborn, Nikolaos Sakkas
Structural Break Inference using Information Criteria in Models Estimated by Two Stage Least Squares (PDF, 507KB)

Number: EDP-1329
Michael Finus, Alistair Ulph
International Environmental Agreements with Uncertainty, Learning and Risk Aversion (PDF, 355KB)