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Number: EDP-1201  
Emilie Dargaud, Carlo Reggiani 
On the Price Effects of Horizontal Mergers: A Theoretical Interpretation (PDF, 336KB)

Number: EDP-1202  
Carlo Reggiani, Tommaso Valletti 
Net neutrality and innovation at the core and at the edge (PDF, 287KB)

Number: EDP-1203 
Katsushi Imai, Jin You 
Poverty Dynamics of Households in Rural China: Identifying Multiple Pathways for Poverty Transition (PDF, 628KB)

Number: EDP-1204 
Richard Cornes, Roger Hartley 
Loss Aversion in Contests (PDF, 248KB)

Number: EDP-1205 
Alastair R. Hall, Yuyi Li, Chris D. Orme 
Testing for Structural Instability in Moment Restriction Models: an Info-metric Approach (PDF, 394KB)

Number: EDP-1206 
Martin Leroch, Carlo Reggiani, Gianpaolo Rossini, Eugenio Zucchelli 
Religious attitudes and home bias: theory and evidence from a pilot study (PDF, 1,084KB )

Number: EDP-1207 
Carlo Reggiani 
Spatial price discrimination in the spokes model (PDF, 195KB)

Number: EDP-1208 
Md Shafiul Azam, Katsushi Imai, Raghav Gaiha 
Agricultural Supply Response and Smallholders Market Participation: the Case of Cambodia (PDF, 1,937KB)

Number: EDP-1209 
Katsushi Imai, Samuel Kobina Annim, Raghav Gaiha, Veena S. Kulkarni 
Does Women’s Empowerment Reduce Prevalence of Stunted and Underweight Children in Rural India? (PDF, 3,205KB)

Number: EDP-1210 
Katarzyna Werner, Horst Zank 
Foundations for Prospect Theory Through Probability Midpoint Consistency (PDF, 314KB)

Number: EDP-1211 
Raghav Gaiha, Nidhi Kaicker, Katsushi S. Imai, Ganesh Thapa 
Demand for Nutrients in India: An Analysis Based on the 50th, 61st and 66th Rounds of the NSS (PDF, 1,033KB)

Number: EDP-1212 
Raghav Gaiha, Nidhi Kaicker, Katsushi S. Imai, Vani S. Kulkarni, Ganesh Thapa 
Has Dietary Transition Slowed Down in India: An Analysis Based on the 50th, 61st and 66th Rounds of the NSS (PDF, 653KB)

Number: EDP-1213 
Raghav Gaiha, Nidhi Kaicker, Katsushi S. Imai, Ganesh Thapa 
Agriculture-Nutrition Pathway in India (PDF, 690KB)

Number: EDP-1214 
Stefan Lutz 
Effects of taxation on European multi-nationals’ financing and profits (PDF, 287KB)

Number: EDP-1215 
Abay Mulatu, Ada Wossink 
Environmental regulation and location of industrialised agricultural production in Europe (PDF, 301KB)

Number: EDP-1216 
Stefan Lutz 
Risk premia in multi-national enterprises (PDF, 196KB)

Number: EDP-1217 
Michal Król 
Everything must go!'- Cournot as a Stable Convention within Strategic Supply Function Competition (PDF, 292KB)

Number: EDP-1218 
Eleonora Fichera,Hugh Gravelle,Mario Pezzino, Matt Sutton 
Specification of financial incentives for quality in health care contracts (PDF, 709KB)

Number: EDP-1219 
Christoph Himmels, Tatiana Kirsanova 
The interest rate - exchange rate nexus: exchange rate regimes and policy equilibria (PDF, 367KB)

Number: EDP-1220 
Christoph Himmels, Tatiana Kirsanova 
Escaping Expectation Traps: How Much Commitment is Required? (PDF, 342KB)

Number: EDP-1221 
Paul Madden 
Welfare Economics of "Financial Fair Play" in a Sports League With Benefactor Owners (PDF, 235KB)

Number: EDP-1222 
A. Ruijs, M. Kortelainen, A. Wossink, C.J.E. Schulp, R. Alkemade, Paul Madden 
Opportunity cost estimation of ecosystem services (PDF, 628KB)

Number: EDP-1223 
N. Yaduma, M. Kortelainen, A. Wossink 
Estimating Mortality and Economic Costs of Particulate Air Pollution in Developing Countries: The Case of Nigeria (PDF, 459KB)

Number: EDP-1224 
Guido Matias Cortes 
Where Have the Routine Workers Gone? A Study of Polarization Using Panel Data (PDF, 713KB)

Number: EDP-1225 
Jacopo Mazza 
Does Risk Matter? A Semi-parametric Model for Educational Choices in the Presence of Uncertainty (PDF, 748KB)

Number: EDP-1226 
Katsushi S. Imai, Raghav Gaiha, Woojin Kang, Samuel Annim, Ganesh Thapa 
Does non-farm sector employment reduce rural poverty and vulnerability? Evidence from Vietnam and India (PDF, 726KB)

Number: EDP-1227 
Raghav Gaiha, Md Shafiul Azam, Samuel Annim, Katsushi S. Imai 
Agriculture, Markets and Poverty – A Comparative Analysis of Laos and Cambodia (PDF, 441KB)

Number: EDP-1228 
Tomás del Barrio Castro, Denise R. Osborn, A.M. Robert Taylor 
The Performance of Lag Selection and Detrending Methods for HEGY Seasonal Unit Root Tests (PDF, 586KB)

Number: EDP-1229 
A. N. Shiryaev, M. V. Zhitlukhin 
Disorder detection problems with applications in finance (PDF, 318KB)