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Number: EDP-1101  
Michal Król 
On the existence and social optimality of equilibria in a Hotelling game with uncertain demand and linearquadratic costs (PDF, 265KB)

Number: EDP-1102  
Michal Król 
More price competition can benefit spatial duopolists when the consumer preferences are uncertain (PDF, 179KB)

Number: EDP-1103 
Michal Król 
Product differentiation decisions under ambiguous consumer demand and pessimistic expectations (PDF, 263KB)

Number: EDP-1104 
Katsushi Imai, Raghav Gaiha, Ganesh Thapa 
Role of Agriculture in Achieving MDG 1 in Asia and the Pacific Region (PDF, 470KB)

Number: EDP-1105 
V. Filipe Martins-da-Rocha, Nicholas C. Yannelis 
Nonemptiness of the alpha-core (PDF, 499KB)

Number: EDP-1106 
Luciano De Castro, Nicholas C. Yannelis 
Ambiguity aversion solves the conflict between efficiency and incentive compatibility (PDF, 551KB)

Number: EDP-1107 
Luciano De Castro. Marialaura Pesce, Nicholas C. Yannelis 
A new perspective to rational expectations: maximin rational expectations equilibrium (PDF, 331KB)

Number: EDP-1108 
Yeneng Sun, Lei Wu, Nicholas C. Yannelis 
Existence, Incentive Compatibility and Efficiency of the Rational Expectations Equilibrium (PDF, 349KB)

Number: EDP-1109 
Wasel Shadat, Chris Orme 
An investigation of parametric tests of CCC assumption (PDF, 422KB)

Number: EDP-1110 
Indranil Dutta, James Foster 
Inequality of Happiness in US: 1972-2008 (PDF, 203KB)

Latest version can be found at I. Dutta, J. Foster. "Inequality of Happiness in the US: 1972-2010." Review of Income and Wealth(2013).eScholarID:186812 | DOI:10.1111/j.1475-4991.2012.00527.x

Number: EDP-1111 
Craig Webb, Horst Zank 
Accounting for Optimism and Pessimism in Expected Utility (PDF, 392KB )

Number: EDP-1112 
Indranil Dutta, Laurence Roope, Horst Zank 
On Intertemporal Poverty: Affluence-Dependent Measures (PDF, 261KB)

Number: EDP-1113 
Katsushi Imai, Raghav Gaiha, Ganesh Thapa, Abdilahi Ali 
Re-examination of supply response to changes in food commodity prices in Asian countries (PDF, 345KB)

Number: EDP-1114 
Ulrich Schmidt, Horst Zank 
A Genuine Foundation for Prospect Theory (PDF, 240KB)

Number: EDP-1115 
Wasel Shadat 
On the Nonparametric Tests of Univariate GARCH Regression Models (PDF, 391KB)

Number: EDP-1116 
Katsushi Imai, Raghav Gaiha, Ganesh Thapa, Samuel Kobina Annim, Aditi Gupta 
Performance of Microfinance Institutions: A Macroeconomic and Institutional Perspective (PDF, 320KB)

Number: EDP-1117 
Alejandro Saporiti 
A Proof for 'Who is a J' Impossibility Theorem (PDF, 183KB)

Number: EDP-1118 
Andreea Halunga, Chris D. Orme, Takashi Yamagata 
A Heteroskedasticity Robust Breusch-Pagan Test for Contemporaneous Correlation in Dynamic Panel Data Models (PDF, 397KB)

Number: EDP-1119 
Michalis Drouvelis, Alejandro Saporiti, Nicolaas J. Vriend 
Political Motivations and Electoral Competition: Equilibrium Analysis and Experimental Evidence (PDF, 2,377KB)

Number: EDP-1120 
Stefan Lutz 
Simultaneous determination of market value and risk premium in the valuation of firms (PDF, 199KB)

Number: EDP-1121 
Tomás del Barrio Castro, Denise R. Osborn, A.M. Robert Taylor 
On Augmented HEGY Tests for Seasonal Unit Roots (PDF, 319KB)

Number: EDP-1122 
Pierre Picard, Tim Worrall 
Sustainable Migration Policies (PDF, 641KB)

Number: EDP-1123 
Peter Brooks, Simon Peters, Horst Zank 
Risk Behaviour for Gain, Loss and Mixed Prospects (PDF, 351KB )

Number: EDP-1124 
Chris D. Orme, Takashi Yamagata 
A Heteroskedasticity-Robust F-Test Statistic for Individual Effects (PDF, 318KB)

Number: EDP-1125 
Katsushi Imai, Raghav Gaiha, Abdilahi Ali, Nidhi Kaicker 
Remittances, Growth and Poverty: New Evidence from Asian Countries (PDF, 267KB)