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Number: EDP-1001  
Raghav Gaiha, Katsushi S. Imai, Ganesh Thapa, Woojin Kang 
Savings, Investment and Current Account Surplus in Asia (PDF, 533KB)

Number: EDP-1002  
Paul Madden 
Fan welfare maximization as a club objective in a professional sports league (PDF, 453KB)

Number: EDP-1003 
Alejandro Saporiti 
Power, ideology, and electoral competition (PDF, 387KB)

Number: EDP-1004 
Béatrice Roussillon,Paul Schweinzer 
Efficient emissions reduction (PDF, 299KB)

Number: EDP-1005 
Craig Webb 
Agreeing to spin the subjective roulette wheel: Bargaining with subjective mixtures (PDF, 254KB)

Number: EDP-1006 
Paul Madden 
Gametheoretic analysis of basic team sports leagues (PDF, 244KB)

Number: EDP-1007 
Paul Madden 
The regulation of a large sports league (PDF, 430KB)

Number: EDP-1008 
Katsushi Imai,Thankom Arun, Samuel Kobina Annim 
Microfinance and Household Poverty Reduction: New evidence from India (PDF, 331KB)

Number: EDP-1009 
Jonathan Thomas, Tim Worrall 
Dynamic relational contracts with credit constraints (PDF, 715KB)

Number: EDP-1010 
Xiaobing Wang, Jenifer Piesse 
The microfoundations of dual economy models (PDF, 222KB)

Number: EDP-1011 
Woojin Kang, Katsushi S. Imai 
Pro-Poor Growth, Poverty and Inequality in Rural Vietnam (PDF, 224KB)

Number: EDP-1012 
Raghav Gaiha, Samuel Annim 
Agriculture, GDP and Prospects of MDG 1 in Lao PDR (PDF, 391KB)

Number: EDP-1013 
James Gaisford, Shan (Victor) Jiang, Stefan Lutz 
Are antidumping duties an antidote for predation? (PDF, 272KB)

Number: EDP-1014 
Mario Pezzino 
Hospital competition when patients have different willingness to pay for quality (PDF, 237KB)

Number: EDP-1015 
Stefan Lutz, Mario Pezzino 
Mixed oligopoly, vertical product differentiation and fixed qualitydependent costs (PDF, 232KB)

Number: EDP-1016 
Eduardo Fé 
An application of local linear regression with asymmetric kernels to regression discontinuity designs (PDF, 492KB)

Number: EDP-1017 
Robert Routledge 
On the Bertrand core and equilibrium of a market (PDF, 243KB)

Number: EDP-1018 
Stefan Lutz, Daniel Kleinfeldt 
Risk as determinant of income and crossborder pricing of multinational enterprises (PDF, 206KB)

Number: EDP-1019 
Katsushi Imai, Md. Shafiul Azam 
Does Microfinance Reduce Poverty in Bangladesh? New Evidence from Household Panel Data (PDF, 251KB)

Number: EDP-1020 
Katsushi Imai, Raghav Gaiha, Ganesh Thapa, Samuel Kobina Annim 
Microfinance and Poverty A Macro Perspective (PDF, 333KB)